What instruments do you play?

What instruments do you all play? i play guitar, piano, and used to do recorder.

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freeza363 years ago
I play electric and acoustic guitar and ukulele.
fordf150man3 years ago
im gonna get an electric bass eventually
Johnhall443 years ago
I could try an learn how to play an electric guitar though....... 
Johnhall443 years ago
I play trombone
Oblivitus5 years ago
SSB keytar.jpg
cool is that tough to play? or learn?
It's a lot faster to pick up than guitar actually.
really? its pretty cool and different i might look into trying it
fordf150man3 years ago
i play guitar acoustic and electric
nfk113 years ago
i play guitar.
Electric Keyboard for 8 years.
Drums for 6 years.
Guitar (Acoustic and Electric) for 1 year.
Vocals (When no one is looking.) for 1 year.
General school instruments (eg: Glockenspiel, bass guitar etc...) Off and on, 6 years.

I compose for myself currently and I'm training to be a music teacher for ether a high school or college.
nfk114 years ago
i play acoustic guitar.
nebih4 years ago
Any type of percussion guitar recorder honer
And that's about it
BalintRules4 years ago
I play the violin.
NatNoBrains4 years ago
Piano, keyboard, recorder, saxaphone, trumpet, cornet, bells (as in bell ringing in a church!)
knexfreak954 years ago
i play keyboard and drums,when i say keyboard i mean as in playing music from a band called the doors
FastLearner4 years ago
I can play the quena , recorder and drums
tuba and sousaphone i know the stuff to play the baritone just havent played it.
its a marching tuba it wraps around you then the bell faces foward.i think i have a pic of one on my profie. more fun than a tuba because you can do a bunch of crazy tricks with them.
MegaMetal84 years ago
Guitar and Cello
Merugop4 years ago
I'm learning to play Guitar :)
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Uhmmmm okey? in the netherlands you are supposed to do that when you're 12...
what do you mean?
acoustic guitar, electric and bass. plus a bit of keyboard.
GTRPLR19954 years ago
Electric Guitar
sandmman4 years ago
I play guitar, keyboard, bass, and i have a natural talent with drums
builder9684 years ago
I only play the guitar, unless instruments of torture count...
So like Iron Maiden? :)
yup, I also nine inch nails, and killswitch engage
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yes I know what an irom maiden is, I was just trying to continue the pun with two more examples.
All right, no need to use big bad italics.
sorry never meant to, my computer is having some serious problems atm.
I think instruments of torture don't count... Neither does mayonnaise...

I play trumpet, and hope to play trombone or french horn soon.

I used to play recorder, but I forgot about that as soon as our school stopped making us learn it.
yerjoking5 years ago
yashen5 years ago
Guitar , piano, mandolin , drums, trombone and viola.
Seleziona5 years ago
THE PIANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Zebra.
That takes a lot of practice to play.
You truly have a gift my friend.
cj814995 years ago
piano violin

pic is cool
Yup. Unfortunately, it's not mine.
webby4275 years ago
Mr. Muggle5 years ago

Vynash5 years ago