What is Your Favorite Naruto Plot Arc?

The original series arcs: The Zabuza Arc, The Chunin Arc, The Invasion Arc, The Tsunade Arc, The Race Arc, or The Sasuke Arc.

It is a tie between the Land Of The Wave and the Chuunin Exams. But in shippuden Its the Kazakage Rescue.
Mplinnc7 years ago
when Sasuke and Naruto fought at the final valley!!! yeah!!! 
ibayibay19 years ago
whats an arc thingee
Wabadee (author)  ibayibay19 years ago
An arc is a series of events that are related, like the Tsunade arc is when they go looking for Tsunade. The arcs are - The Zabuza Arc, the Exams arc, the Invasion arc, the Tsunade arc, the Sasuke arc, and the missions arc (After the Sasuke arc until Shippuden)