What is better Cereal orrrrrrrrr oatmeal?

all i want is ur personal opinions not sum hokis pokis crap about video games.... ( i would like to know which is better...)

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supercerealmonster77 (author) 9 years ago
im in da mood for some oatmeal right now home skittles!
Ferrite9 years ago
Strawberry Special K all the way! I eat at least 3 bowls a day.
Kiteman9 years ago
Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't oatmeal a kind of cereal?

(Isn't oatmeal what y'all call porridge? One step short of marine cement?)
If you're gonna be throwin' "ya'll" around in regards to breakfast cereals Ah must insist you be talkin' about grits.
I had grits, once.

Just once.

Goes green again
Pfft! Were they cheese grits? Those are the best. Now I'm hungry. :(
Cheese grits are the best, but only when it's real cheese, not the packet kind.
Parmesan and cheddar FTW. Now I'm starving!
Someone didn't know how to make them (you dislike corn ?). I like them cooked mixed with an egg and maybe some cheese :-)
oatmeal is a kind of cereal; hot cereal, its called. but i thought that oatmeal and porridge are two different things :/
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