What is rss?

Hey! I keep seeing people saying rss and signs with labeled rss. What is it? Also, i have two instructables, and one of them has a weird hand next to it. What is that??

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The hand signifies that the Instructable is a collaboration, and more than one person worked on it. Here's an example of a collaboration.
mynameischeese (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll8 years ago
Thats weird because no one else worked on it... oh well
You must have accidentally clicked "create collaboration" (or whatever the button says, I don't remember). It's fine, though, because only you have the ability to choose the members that can edit your Instructable/collaboration.
lemonie8 years ago
RSS is abbreviation of "Really Simple Syndication". Google it. L
Chicken22098 years ago
someone else can give a better description... its pretty much a subscribe button you just subscribe to that rss feed through a site like google reader and it will automatically update for what ever that feed is on Since we are on forums, ill use that as an example. In the featured forms list, there is a rss icon I would click that and input it into google reader. Then the next time theres a new featured forum, I will get notified from google reader to see what the storys would look like, just click the icon
purduecer8 years ago
I'm not entirely sure. I'll tell you who does know, though, google and wikipedia. I recommend starting searches to questions like the above one there