What is something original I can make out of duct tape?

Things besides wallets, like the duct tape roses. Anyway, I'm bored and have lots of duct tape and don't know what to do with it. However, I don't have enough duct tape to cover pants in.

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Patrik10 years ago
A hat!

Here are some good reference designs for men's caps and leather caps.

The leather caps in particular might be a good fit, since they already have that somewhat glossy appearance.
a leather cap out of tape? Oxymoron!
A leather cap out of tape? Oxymoron!
Sunbanks (author)  Patrik10 years ago
Ooh good idea, I just better notmake a full face ski mask. :P
gyromild Sunbanks10 years ago
Duct tape Duck

That'd be cute.
ooh i made one of those
well, not really a duck. but a goose is close enough, and besides it came from red green...

Goodhart gyromild10 years ago
I was thinking that too, but thought it too corny to post.....since when have I resisted the chance to be corny? Guess I AM getting old *sigh*
Sunbanks (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
I like ducks
Goodhart Sunbanks10 years ago
Yes, so do I. We get quite a few Canadian Geese around here, and except for the white feathers, they are about the right color ;-) Sometimes ducks just quack me up. .
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