What is that thing ?

Hello ! So, here is a series of pictures that my brother took about two weeks ago (2007/08/29, at 23:00 french local time). He was going to sleep in his van when he saw a weird blinking/moving light at the horizon. He put his digitalcamera (Fujifilm Finepix S5600) on his tripod, quickly configured it, extended the zoom to the maximum (optical + digital zoom) and took two series of photos with the burst mode. Then, he tried to quickly reconfigure his camera and to take one more manualy. Facts : His tripod seems quite stable : stars don't move from a picture to an other. As we can see thanks to the last picture (a photo of an other part of the sky took with the same parameters), the stars of the two series seems not to be "dead" pixels of the CCD sensor. Known parameters : ISO 400 shutter speed : 1/2.5s. He says he doesn't know what it is. With my other brother, we tried to find an explanation, but so far, we failed. What do you think about this "UFO" ??

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chooseausername (author) 10 years ago
OK, here is an update :

My brother tried to reproduce this weird lighting thing and he failed.

Though, he found that the white dots in pic1 to 7 are actually "noise" from the CCD sensor, not stars.

Despite he failed to reproduce the lighting thing, we both agreed the possibility that the light is simply a reflect over the window of the van, and/or a lens flare ... and that he failed to photograph the light he saw.

. Well, I guess we still don't have proof of UFOs, but it was an interesting exercise. I've been pleasantly surprised that it hasn't devolved into a fight over whether UFOs/LGM exist.
Are you trying to say that little green men don't exist! I have genuine photographic evidence! You, you, ...DISBELIEVER! Pat. Pending
Please show this evidence!!
chooseausername (author)  uguy10 years ago
??? =o)
Here's a spooky link between the two LGM
chooseausername (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
Pat Pending, you've found the proof of a conspiracy ! This theme park is a colony ! The invasion has already started ! :'-((
. hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if OJ is somehow involved in all this.
No OJ is definitely a BBM, although sometimes OJ is orange! MJ is seen above in his natural colour. You will no doubt be aware that he has assumed a whole range of colours over the years.
Oh my god!
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