What is the Best Secario Gun in market

What do you think is the best gun for woodsball, and the best barrel?

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Molybdenum9 years ago
The best strictly scenario guns are tac 8, but I won't say anything about functionality... Bob Long makes a scenario marker (which you just know is gonna be good) but as far as popularity, Tippman(whom I despise) is unquestionably the most used scenario gun.
Hawkins569 years ago
dear pb army ihave a autococker and something is wrong with the velocity. i have tried many things, but nothing seems to work help me out
Tippmann x7

you can get a lot of really nice shrouds for this gun, and for the best barrel, well all i can say is something cheap and effective. dont get sucked into all this barrel stuff...as long as it is polished on the inside, and its 10-14 inches long, its fine
oo just saw that you have a linear barrel...i got the same one, just use that.....its very effective cost wise and works just as good as some of the higher end barrels out there
oh wow, i so want that thing.
wait, just to clarify, i think X7 would be best for scenario/mil-sim. a 98 custom pro would be best for woodsball, as it is cheap, durable, and extremely upgradeable.
receiver5459 years ago
A TACAMO TYPE 68 AK STYLE MARKER! IT IS ABOUT $300 OR $200 if you can find it on ebay!! it is made with real Ak parts and is made of all wood or steel no plastic!!

heres an link on a reveiw on it! http://www.pbreview.com/products/reviews/4901/

oh yeah, those are awesome.
upper end BT s are very good you cant compete with mag fed for realism also just about everything on rap4.com
i shoot 98 pro platinum. It's a very good gun like all tippmanns.
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