What is the Right Visual Characteristic for a Personal Medical Device?

Hello, I am an Msc student at Cranfield University, doing my thesis on 'Design Evaluation in Open Communities'. Can u please help me, by reading the message below, and giving a reply? Thank you very much, your contibution would be much appreciated. Design Brief: A Project is being carried out to create a device that will be used by women in their home to take a sample of their own blood as a health marker. Below is a summary of the results of the research: Traget User group: Women between the ages of (50 - 69) Disease: Breast cancer Scenario of Use: Single-use device for use at home, as a basic indicator of the disease Requirements: the device should be able to: - Take a blood sample - Process sample - Analyse and give a result - Display instructions - Simple and easy to use - Device should have minimum operator dependent steps - Device should be small/hand-held The research identified the following words to describe characteristics that the device should communicate: - Authority: professional - Sophisticated: technical, scientific - Hygienic: clean, clinical, healthy, safe - Precision: accurate, specific - Home: private, personal, sanctuary - Familiar: identifiable, comfort zone, points recognition - Disposability: single-use, not precious For each of the charateistics (authority, precision, hygeine, etc.) listed above, can you please state which device conveys it the most and which one conveys that characteristic the least? Thank you

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avatari MSc (author) 8 years ago
no problem. thanks for ur feedback.
avatari MSc (author) 8 years ago
oh ok. the assessment of the product is not based on gender. i was hoping to get objective opinions based on the criteria given, how much anybody thinks any of the devices best fit the requirements, by looking at them. would like like to give it a try please? it would be helpful,i would be grateful too, thanks
ChrysN8 years ago
I like K the best, it looks like a compact, something women would normally have. B and D are a bit too phallic. J fits the disposability criteria but like someone else mentioned it would roll away. The others are a bit too odd or high tech looking (my mom fits into that age group and she is not too comfortable around tech gadgets -though I can't speak for other women of that age).
avatari MSc (author)  ChrysN8 years ago
thank you
avatari MSc (author) 8 years ago
what's wrong with the question? u think it's not clear enough?
lemonie8 years ago
Homework question or survey? I don't think you get many responses from the target group here. L
avatari MSc (author)  lemonie8 years ago
where would you suggest i post this please? thanks
I'm not sure - I think this is a survey, so you'd want to find some place with a lot of the right people. I know from past surveys on this site that take-up is rather low.
You might print something, explaining the value of the research, get pre-paid return envelopes and letterbox a neighborhood with the right demographic?

I'm not a woman, but here are my impressions A&G&K Meets the req's B&D&E Awkward looking C looks like a roomba, unhygienic F looks like flyswatter unhygienic H Meets req's, but too masculine I is WTF? Just NO! J would keep rolling off the counter
avatari MSc (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
thank you, errr.... i'm new here, still don't know how i can do here... do you know the most effective or efficient way of getting A LOT of feedback? is this the right community/forum? thnak you
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