What is the best glue for plastic to leather?

Last winter I ripped the plastic sole from my skiing boot, and I would like to reattach it. It looks like it was originally held on by glue, and that is what I thought I should use.Any idea on what type of glue I should use for this?

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Austringer10 years ago
Sedgewick17 (author)  Austringer10 years ago
According to that website every leather to plastic glue is very toxic.
Well, toluene (which is what they use as a solvent) isn't health food, that's for sure. The back of the can specifies "a well ventilated space". I tend to take them at their word.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Contact Cement -- you'll only get one shot to get it right though.... They might have used a hot glue.... I personally would try a high temp hot glue. Hot glue being my favorite semi permanent fastener :p Emphasis on high temp ;)
Sedgewick17 (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Any good brands?
Sedgewick17 (author) 10 years ago
Any epoxy in perticular?
guyfrom7up10 years ago