What is the best k'nex pistol?

....but preferably without black y clips or using to many pieces

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TheDunkis8 years ago
there isn't one good pistol that doesn't use black Ys but I guess that's another project for me to work on then.
Are you talking about your side arm? Last time I checked it used black Ys for best functioning.
darn your right(i had to check...). i forgot about my one needed black hand. i think i did eventually make the mod for that though, i can't remember.
Well at least the good news is that your gun loads a better ammo than green rods. You know you should post the compact version of your sidearm. Or update it altogether.
i might. the probem is that the version we worked on uses a bunch of black hands(enough for me to question posting it). i know my sniper used a lot, but that was also a sniper, this is a pistol. if i mod it to work with less black hands then i am sure i will post it though.
airhead12 (author)  TheDunkis8 years ago
All right Thanks. I know you make really great guns, but they all seem to use Ys or more pieces than I have. Oh and do you know where can I get some Ys? Thanks again.
if you have one you could make my sidearm, i like it a lot. just replace the broken black hand on the trigger with a green rod.
www.knexusergroup.co.uk there is a shop there you can by pakes of 10.
most good knex sets have them. look on ebay!
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