What is the best thrash metal band of all time?

This is a voting poll, it ends on new years day 2010. You are allowed to choose from: a)Megadeth b)Metallica c)Slayer d)Anthrax e)Trivium f)Lamb of God To make collecting votes easier for me, reply to one of my comments, don't make a new one.

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The Jamalam (author) 8 years ago
Votes for Metallica
Metallica. for life.
Haha. looks like Metallica's going to win. (That's a vote from me)
mettalica ftw, btw hope I'm not unforgiven.
Telos here, better than all of you and voting for the Jonas Brothers! .....Yeah, right. Just kidding guys, Jo Bros suck major arse. Metallica FTW. Playing Fade To Black on my iTunes right now.
Metallica defiantly.
voted for metallica
money maker8 years ago
Metalica ftw!
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