What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

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blkhawk4 years ago
I am a self taught computer professional and I studied and passed the A+ Certification exam. I have built many computers from scratch.
lr10cent7 years ago
can't decide: -currently working on CPAP machine. Was dxed with sleep apnea almost a month ago, and they still haven't got me the official one, but I'm working on third version. 2nd is ok and helps a lot except I found out they told me the wrong pressure. Made with those 40mm dual electronic cooling fans in series. Have flattish spot on fan curve so you don't really need a regulator. Hesitant to provide more details as I'm concerned about liability -van de Graaff generator(s) from around the house (mostly) and surplus materials. (Driveway marker poles are excellent structural elements.) -Designed and built a dinghy that fits down the ramp at Marblehead, weighs 50 lbs with the seat out, rows well, and tows well. Pretty it ain't. Paid lower than burger flipping but was fun and satisfying. (when done, anyway) lots more
I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. How do you add moisture to the air flow? If you don't have a humidifier connected to your makeshift cpap machine, does it dry your breathing passages? Congratulations on creating your machine.
Did you ever end up making a functional CPAP? Would you be willing to share info on that build?
You should take the following as a description of what I did. There is NO WAY any medical authority will give something like this their stamp of approval! If you develop something with this info, it's at your own risk. If you injure your vocal cords and develop phlebitis in your leg, don't run crying to me!

I didn't get a humidifier going, and it was a bit noisy, but it worked. I often used it to take naps in the car. The commercial one is considerably nicer, but mine worked.
Look at the fan pressure curve here:
Note how the fan curve is flat. :That means that if the flow is reasonable, you will get a fairly constant pressure. You may be able to find one of these for a reasonable price on line these days. I could probably get by on one of these at a slightly elevated voltage or two in series at a low voltage. I need something like 9 cm H2O min. You can test by seeing how deep you can blow bubbles using your fan assembly and a tube sticking into water.

Back then, I couldn't find anything with quite that much zip, so I assembled several assemblies (3, I think) in a row, with paper rings to link them together. I harvested them from server fan units similar to eBay item 250958786046 aka Dell PowerEdge 1950 Dual Cooling Case Fan Assembly MC545 TC146. The paper rings were the same diameter as the inner diameter of the housing. I put this in a big plastic pipe with a carpet to absorb noise, with a barrier in the middle so air had to go through the fan to get from one end of the pipe to the other. Then I just hooked on a long hose maybe 1.2 inches in diameter, which plugged into a box and another hose that went to the CPAP mask. The box acted as a muffler. I put a piece of dust mask material over the entrance to the pipe. This can be a real advantage if you have allergies.

I should point out that this is NOT something you could get the FDA to approve as a medical device. While the fans themselves are probably adequately rated for fire resistance, the other components are not. So you can imagine it would be pretty nasty if, say, the carpet or PVC ever caught fire. The carpet could get dirty, too. Also, at one point I left this thing in the garage and mice decided to live in it for a while! Haven't used it for breathing air supply since.

In any case, it's a good idea to get a sleep study, as a simple CPAP might not be what you need.

Also, having a humidifier built in can be very nice.

I tried adapting a mask from a dust respirator, but I couldn' t get anything that fit to my satisfaction.

As an aside, one might consider, at least if one is a scofflaw, use of one of these fans for a very low budget remote air supply for a respirator. Especially if you have a beard which prevents a good seal with a mask, as, hypothetically, enough pressure can be maintained to make sure all leaks are out FROM the mask instead of into it.

0087adam6 years ago
I made a 1'x6' woodworking lathe
For me, it was my trusty, homemade x-ray machine. With my homemade Gieger counter, I learned that x-rays are more penetrating then I thought. I'm still glowing in the dark! :-) ~Bob~
How did you do that! It sounds amazing. PLEASE! make an instructable!
SFHandyman7 years ago
I like to make anything and everything. One skill I have is sewing. I have a friend who was the chief Klingon designer for DS9 and a couple of the films. I've assisted him as a costumer on a couple of movies. I didn't work on any of his sci-fi movies - only special effects we did were severed limbs that spouted blood and gunshot wounds.

We worked on a play once, that featured showgirls dressed up with giant cocktails as headdresses. I made a 3 foot tall coconut, it had a pvc pipe skeleton and a foam exterior, there was a full size Chinese paper umbrella sticking out of the top, a full size sword was piercing a fake slice of pineapple-also foam and a red playground ball with a stem for a cherry. The PVC had to extend down and become a back brace so she could carry the weight on her hips with it attached to her shoulders for balance.

I wish I had photos.

Gummi Legos were probably my most successful creation.

I built the Fiat Tagliero Garage in Asmara, Eritrea, Africa with SketchUp for Google Earth. I haven't uploaded it yet. It is a real place. Probably the coolest gas station on the planet. I created the Streamline Moderne Design photo group on Flickr and one of the members actually traveled from England to Asmara, just to see this gas station. He took the photo of the front view.

Joe Martin7 years ago
Myself! No, the only thing I can think of that I still use is a knex laptop stand, never used knex before but I'm still using the stand so I must of done fine. I have made a couple of simple 555 circuits, An oven timer, A flashing led badge, however all that live of these now is a striped down 555 board in a parts box! Oh and I started a new laptop dock out of a wanadoo livebox (A wireless router in uk and france) With CD and DVD driver built in, for my netbook but that's not done yet.
dougstuiv7 years ago
The most RECENT thing I've made is a luge on wheels for my 8-year-old son. He steers the front wheels with his feet and brakes w/ a lever on each side that goes to each back wheel. It's 1/2'" from the asphalt and I made the front wheels only steer about 10 degrees either way so he can't tip it over. It really flies! Probably the most interesting was an ornate gypsy wagon (vardo.)
Any chance you've got photos from your builds of either or both of those projects? If so, why not put them together into an Instructable. The interface is surprisingly simple to use. If all you've got are the finished ones, you could put together a slideshow or video.
Goodhart8 years ago
Other then a few household electronic devices, I have made a few of my electronic measuring devices (transistor tester, capacitor tester, 3 wire 115 vac proper wiring jig, ELF detector, inductance tester, and one "automobile car alarm mimic circuit. But those are just small beans it seems. *sigh*
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
...did ya ever get that Orc detector to work?
Goodhart gmoon8 years ago
*rolls eyes* Not "high elf detector" :-) rather Extremely Low Frequency radiation detection. You know, the same kind that helps a "touch lamp" operate?
gmoon Goodhart8 years ago
Awwwwww. Don't I get to make a bad joke every day or two? (Have a good one, GH.)
Goodhart gmoon8 years ago
Hmm, Orcs weren't Elves though were they ? They were Sauron's creations. Sorry I ruined your joke (I can be a poor straight man sometimes). Orcs can be seen from afar though, what one would need would be a Hobbit detector. These little guys can sneak right up on you when you are not looking :-)
nope, the first orcs were elves. very mutated elves (my little brother went through a stage where he watched all the movies on loop for an entire summer...)
Ok, well I read the books, many many moons ago (only recently saw the newest movie triad), but that was a good 36 years ago...I am surprised at what I remember of Middle Earth :-)
lol i have read the books also(except the silmarillion or however its spelled...) (non related) "little Women" has got to be the most boring book ever(i read it in the 5th grade only because the second best reader was also and i had to finish quicker and score higher on the test then him :) and of course i did lol ummm my most interesting make would have to be one of the many treestands ive made(one with a roof,walls,and cot lol) but hey, im only 15!
The Silmarillion, ah now there was another book to put you to sleep unless you were a real die hard fan (read fanatic). I have the PB version and it is a real bore in places. The part about Gandalf's beginnings was neat enough though.
Heh. Old Testament vs. New Testament. Dude making free food out of nothing is usually more exciting than genealogy (okay, annoying kids eaten by bears is pretty exciting...). If you think the Sil was boring, just try the 13+ volumes of drafts Chris T bundled up to keep the franchise alive...
I just got to thinking, were you referring to Chris T. Cornelius ?
No, Christopher Tolkien, JRRT's son. He took all of his fathers drafts and unpubplished writings and put them out as "The History of Middle Earth" volumes 1 to 13, along with several other books. A lot of it is really amazing and beautiful poetry, but it's also a frightening demonstration of OCD :-)
Oh ok, thanks.:-)
I had a much smaller book that was THE fastest sleep inducer I have ever had....it was called "Why Psychoanalysts Fail" 2 paragraphs and it was zonk time.... ;-)
kelseymh7 years ago
Hmmm...most interesting? As a post-doc, I was on the team that built the main drift chamber detector (M$2.5) for the BaBar experiment at SLAC. Of course, I was just one of many people at a dozen or so universities around the world involved in that construction project, so it's not really "mine."

My wife and I collaborated on remodeling our living room, including some nice fireplace cabinetry.

Most recently, I adapted our baby's crib to be fully accessible. This one I'm really proud of, as I took it from idea through design drawing all the way to reality with my own two hands.
I've just added my crib modification I'ble to the Make group. It won't show up in "Recently added" because those are sorted by publication date.
Plasmana7 years ago
My most recent and interesting project is called Plasma Speaker...
Me and two of my friends made a human powered hovercraft two years ago.
The rear prop was built but we never had a chance to get it all together in a video. I have no idea where it is now, but we saved the two props
trevorklat7 years ago
The most interesting thing I made was an observation hive for my honey bees. It was wall mounted and could swivel from sided to side. Both sides of the frames were viewable. Watching the bees sore pollen, make honey and especially watching the queen lay eggs was interesting.
VIRON9 years ago
3DTV before HDTV
Flying 3D Video Engine
My kids (with help of their mother)!
Great. That's the purpose of my "Volumetric Projector from Junk" instructable. My mother didn't help. That's why it's only pretty in the crappy sort of way.
Wait, I've seen something like this a while back. That's a pretty crappy video, by the way. You need a friend to hold the camera next time. Really cool idea, though.
conrad24687 years ago

Flateric8 years ago
Chainsaw powered kids scooter (top speed 47Kph) Hydrogen powered self contained Nerf pistol. LCD video projector from an oldschool liquid cooled 3tub projector. (funny because initial testing was with a LEGO mockup!) Peltier/liquid cooled CPU for an old 2.8G P4 RDRAM rig. Motor transplant from a 1998 Supra into my 1990 Supra. Misc. attempts at different "Brown's" cells, some more successful than others. And "unique" eye dropped sized cells for use with the above mentioned nerf gun.
yourflorida9 years ago
I made a couple of these. I was only the "initial design partner" but have since assisted with "product development". :-)
lol you're funny.. i admire your work :) i have always wanted to embark on this project. sadly im 17 and my financial instability have will not support the "product development" process.
17 and wanting to embark onthat project... you and I are two very different 17year olds...
Goodhart8 years ago
I once made an infinity transmitter, but I never got to use it. Never really had planned on using it, but I did want to learn how they worked. :-)
uguy8 years ago
I met a really interesting lady in NY City once.....
bumpus8 years ago
i am probably most proud of my cigar box guitar, that thing is bitchin'
Keith-Kid8 years ago
A friend
PKM8 years ago
Hmm.. it's a difficult question. Most fun thing was probably Small Bertha II (a small-bore potato gun about 6 feet long), or a deathtrap lawnmower-powered trike. Most exciting were the mini black powder rocket engines I built over one summer. The thing I'm most proud of is either my tanto, or my thing-in-the-works-at-the-moment, and the most complex thing was the one-handed USB keyboard I built for my dissertation (that I should really, really post a 'Tible on, but sadly I don't have the parts any more).
The largest project I have undertaken is my life-sized replica of the Robot from Lost in Space, the original TV show. It can be seen on my web site. Let me know what you think.
B9 Robot
That is great. I guess the dark side is building the Robby robot. I was always fond of the robots Huey Dewey and Louie from Silent Running.
dean-1018 years ago
i make computer game and i have made a pretty funny online game before, if you want to know the basic goto my instructable
Goodhart8 years ago
The most interesting (to me) thing I have ever made was artistic...a pyrograph of a ship....took me sooooo long to do it too.
divisionwon9 years ago
Well, in college we used to compete in the SAE MiniBaja. After college we wanted to build something on the same line but instead of 10HP we wanted 100HP. This beast is small cause we wanted to fit into the gates for all the trails in NH. This was built from ground up including the chassis, rollcage, drivetrain, steering, etc. This one has a YZF600 engine in it and cranks well over 90MPH. This was one of three built and hopefully more to come when I move to CA to try and compete in the Baja1000. Enjoy.
POST AN INSTRUCTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha imagine all the 13 yearolds who would die trying to drive this thing hahahahahahahahahahah
whatsisface9 years ago
I built a PC in a cereal box once. Partly because im sad and have no life and partly because i thought it was cool. (see below). Either that or a flash drive in a converse all star (a miniature replica one) for my sister.

See the cereal mod
There you go, feeding the belly and the mind at one shot....good idea :-)
sonaps8 years ago
my friends and i all grouped up to do what is quite possibly the biggest project we (the 4 of us) have ever done. we decided to go out to the woods and make ourselves a huge tree house for, well, no particular reason, over a year or so we continued to add things like parascopes, rope ladders, reinforceing, and a full on war setting for airsofting, we only used stuff we recycled from all our houses so it costed practically nothing and ended up burning down during a circuit experiment
Kiteman9 years ago
I think the most interesting thing is either the last thing I made or the next thing on my sketchpad.

Or maybe the stuff on my "I really ought to" list, which generally occurs to me in the car or at 3am.
MrStupid9 years ago
An extremely offroadable Baja Bug from the ground up including motor and transaxel. It could go anywhere that even 4x4's couldnt. Ended up stuffing it completely thru a block wall, backwards at 60 mph. It was almost undestructable
Jays Baja Bug.jpg
jtobako9 years ago
100 wooden animal kits, followed the next year by 100 wooden doll kits for girl scout camp crafts.
My canoe, I presume you meant interesting to me?
Beautiful craft. Are you at Juniper springs in the picture? Rainbow River?
Thank you, it;s actually the confluence of the Wekiwa and Rock Springs
Stew29 years ago
I made a hydraulic powered logsplitter when I was 15 or 16. I didn't have a torch or a metal bandsaw so I did all the cutting with a hacksaw. Wow, that was a lot of hacksawing! The unit worked really well until I tried to split some old maple with it. Then I found out the iron I used for the main beam was not as strong as the hydraulics... pretzel city : ).