What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

What is the most interesting thing that you have ever Made?

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blkhawk5 years ago
I am a self taught computer professional and I studied and passed the A+ Certification exam. I have built many computers from scratch.
lr10cent9 years ago
can't decide: -currently working on CPAP machine. Was dxed with sleep apnea almost a month ago, and they still haven't got me the official one, but I'm working on third version. 2nd is ok and helps a lot except I found out they told me the wrong pressure. Made with those 40mm dual electronic cooling fans in series. Have flattish spot on fan curve so you don't really need a regulator. Hesitant to provide more details as I'm concerned about liability -van de Graaff generator(s) from around the house (mostly) and surplus materials. (Driveway marker poles are excellent structural elements.) -Designed and built a dinghy that fits down the ramp at Marblehead, weighs 50 lbs with the seat out, rows well, and tows well. Pretty it ain't. Paid lower than burger flipping but was fun and satisfying. (when done, anyway) lots more
I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea. How do you add moisture to the air flow? If you don't have a humidifier connected to your makeshift cpap machine, does it dry your breathing passages? Congratulations on creating your machine.
Did you ever end up making a functional CPAP? Would you be willing to share info on that build?
You should take the following as a description of what I did. There is NO WAY any medical authority will give something like this their stamp of approval! If you develop something with this info, it's at your own risk. If you injure your vocal cords and develop phlebitis in your leg, don't run crying to me!

I didn't get a humidifier going, and it was a bit noisy, but it worked. I often used it to take naps in the car. The commercial one is considerably nicer, but mine worked.
Look at the fan pressure curve here:
Note how the fan curve is flat. :That means that if the flow is reasonable, you will get a fairly constant pressure. You may be able to find one of these for a reasonable price on line these days. I could probably get by on one of these at a slightly elevated voltage or two in series at a low voltage. I need something like 9 cm H2O min. You can test by seeing how deep you can blow bubbles using your fan assembly and a tube sticking into water.

Back then, I couldn't find anything with quite that much zip, so I assembled several assemblies (3, I think) in a row, with paper rings to link them together. I harvested them from server fan units similar to eBay item 250958786046 aka Dell PowerEdge 1950 Dual Cooling Case Fan Assembly MC545 TC146. The paper rings were the same diameter as the inner diameter of the housing. I put this in a big plastic pipe with a carpet to absorb noise, with a barrier in the middle so air had to go through the fan to get from one end of the pipe to the other. Then I just hooked on a long hose maybe 1.2 inches in diameter, which plugged into a box and another hose that went to the CPAP mask. The box acted as a muffler. I put a piece of dust mask material over the entrance to the pipe. This can be a real advantage if you have allergies.

I should point out that this is NOT something you could get the FDA to approve as a medical device. While the fans themselves are probably adequately rated for fire resistance, the other components are not. So you can imagine it would be pretty nasty if, say, the carpet or PVC ever caught fire. The carpet could get dirty, too. Also, at one point I left this thing in the garage and mice decided to live in it for a while! Haven't used it for breathing air supply since.

In any case, it's a good idea to get a sleep study, as a simple CPAP might not be what you need.

Also, having a humidifier built in can be very nice.

I tried adapting a mask from a dust respirator, but I couldn' t get anything that fit to my satisfaction.

As an aside, one might consider, at least if one is a scofflaw, use of one of these fans for a very low budget remote air supply for a respirator. Especially if you have a beard which prevents a good seal with a mask, as, hypothetically, enough pressure can be maintained to make sure all leaks are out FROM the mask instead of into it.

0087adam7 years ago
I made a 1'x6' woodworking lathe
For me, it was my trusty, homemade x-ray machine. With my homemade Gieger counter, I learned that x-rays are more penetrating then I thought. I'm still glowing in the dark! :-) ~Bob~
How did you do that! It sounds amazing. PLEASE! make an instructable!
SFHandyman9 years ago
I like to make anything and everything. One skill I have is sewing. I have a friend who was the chief Klingon designer for DS9 and a couple of the films. I've assisted him as a costumer on a couple of movies. I didn't work on any of his sci-fi movies - only special effects we did were severed limbs that spouted blood and gunshot wounds.

We worked on a play once, that featured showgirls dressed up with giant cocktails as headdresses. I made a 3 foot tall coconut, it had a pvc pipe skeleton and a foam exterior, there was a full size Chinese paper umbrella sticking out of the top, a full size sword was piercing a fake slice of pineapple-also foam and a red playground ball with a stem for a cherry. The PVC had to extend down and become a back brace so she could carry the weight on her hips with it attached to her shoulders for balance.

I wish I had photos.

Gummi Legos were probably my most successful creation.

I built the Fiat Tagliero Garage in Asmara, Eritrea, Africa with SketchUp for Google Earth. I haven't uploaded it yet. It is a real place. Probably the coolest gas station on the planet. I created the Streamline Moderne Design photo group on Flickr and one of the members actually traveled from England to Asmara, just to see this gas station. He took the photo of the front view.

Joe Martin9 years ago
Myself! No, the only thing I can think of that I still use is a knex laptop stand, never used knex before but I'm still using the stand so I must of done fine. I have made a couple of simple 555 circuits, An oven timer, A flashing led badge, however all that live of these now is a striped down 555 board in a parts box! Oh and I started a new laptop dock out of a wanadoo livebox (A wireless router in uk and france) With CD and DVD driver built in, for my netbook but that's not done yet.
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