What is the motorcycle of your dreams? Price is no object.

If money was no object, what motorcycle(s) would you want to own? For me it would have to be a Vincent Rapide, or a Brough Superior. Also, I'd like to own some historic bikes, like ones that belonged to : Pancho Villa, Evel Knievel, Lawrence of Arabia, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, or maybe Peter Fonda's Captain America.

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Moem5 years ago
I'm either very boring or just totally content, or possibly both... but I'm very happy with what I already have. Not sure anything else could bring me more joy than this beat up, 25-years old enduro that looks like it's been ridden around the Sahara. Well, to be fair, it has...

I just want to keep it going for as long as possible.
rush_elixir5 years ago
A yamaha V-max converted to a street fighter look
Flumpkins9 years ago
I would build my own. It would have a Taco Bell, an Amusement park, and 2 foot wide wheels.
skunkbait (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
My kids are building one (slowly), but no Taco Bell.
One made of ducttape with an external combustion engine and maybe an endless supply of nacho cheese and a 100000000009077383737373747583738474747;74774&4&4&;&&;&&;&84&487475747 gallon chocolate fountain with peanutbutter for those long road trips
their building a motercycle with an amuseement park?
skunkbait (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
They'll probably leave the amusement park off too (for handling reasons).
Nooo... how bout the 2 foot wide wheels?
skunkbait (author)  Flumpkins9 years ago
There's is actually based on a Schwinn Stingray. But, I am considering building one with 1 foot wide wheels. I have all the parts, but it's a matter of finding the time myself, or tricking the kids into doing it.
Cool. How old are your kids?
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