What is the oddest thing you have sent through the mail?

Title is self-explanatory. Did it make it? Or what...

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I talked to a metalworker a couple weeks ago and he told me that anvils get sent through the mail without any packaging. It's just the anvil with the label stuck to it. Because what the hell can anyone do to an anvil?
ANC (UK parcel people) could break it! We'd send things that you wouldn't think could be broken, and they would come back destroyed! Most couriers are amazingly abusive towards the stuff they send, but these guys were special!
Yeah, my neighbor got these 3 special river rocks, the ones that cover the road for the NASA rocket transporter, but bigger. He did the front of his house with the big ones. When they arrived, 2/3 were broken. It was crazy.
Yeah, I had ordered ten brand new flyback transformers, and when I got them, they were badly beaten up and chipped too...
the worst part was that the box had 5 FRAGILE stickers on it.
That is crazy! A lot of people just don't care nowdays... :-(
the world is cruel
Yes, it is a real shame...
imagine a cardboard box failure and the thing falling thru it ouch ! thats probably why
Who's going to run off with it, eh ? LOL
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