What is the value of a subscription?

Subscriptions to members certainly have use.

I subscribe to people in whose work I am interested, who are sometimes also friends.  That means I get emails that let me know what they have done, even if I miss seeing them in the lists of projects and topics.

Those subscriptions have value to me, as a subscriber, because they make my life easier.

However, I have noticed that quite a number of people use subscriptions as a form of currency or reward.  "If you do this thing for me, I will subscribe to you".

How much value do you place on subscriptions?

Do you measure your own worth as a member by the number of subscriptions you have?

Do you decide how much to respect somebody else by the number of subscribers they have?

What if you were only allowed to subscribe to one person for every project you had published?

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It's good that people want to subscribe to me and see more of my work.

I don't bother subscribing to anyone much on here though, as I find the subscriptions display awful.

I subscribe to people who have at least some hint of creating awesome Instructables and continuing to do so because I take a certain enjoyment in being "first on the scene", and I'm not exactly elitist with regard to whom I subscribe. I try not to be miserly with my subscriptions, and I like to return favors. The benefits outweigh the costs, especially when it comes to building rapport and boosting the confidence of others. I wouldn't consider either to be "candy".
DJ Radio7 years ago
I would somewhat measure my worth based on my subscriptions if every single one of my subscribers subbed because they liked my work, and they wanted more from me.

Youtube is one of the worst offenders, and I suggest posting a similar rant on there.
nickodemus7 years ago
I don't place much value on it, but it sure does feel nice when someone subscribes for a reason.

Well when I get notified that someone has subscribed to me I always feel flattered that someone deemed my previous projects interesting enough to see what I come up with next but other then that I don't pay much attention to it. It's great that some people want to follow what I do but I don't want a bunch of people to subscribe to me for the sake of subscribing.

And I tend to subscribe to people who have interesting ibles and/or are just nice people like for example Lithium Rain. I like to see what they are thinking and building and perhaps get inspired by that.

So the value of a subscription is low to me although I always feel flattered. And I don't condone the way the knexers are handeling it. Giving away subscriptions and 5 stars on all ibles is just ruining the system.
I agree, receiving a notice that you've been subscribed to is quite flattering. :)
Kiteman (author)  MichelMoermans7 years ago
That's kind of what I was getting at - to some they're useful, to others they are candy...
gmjhowe7 years ago
Ppffft. You subscribe to someone and they fill up your emails with spam my topics with silly questions with no real answer meant to provoke thought.

*Unsubscribes Kiteman*
Kiteman (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
...now you won't know what I do to private ibles...
lemonie7 years ago

I never subscribe to anybody:
They are worth what you get out of them, which should be a nice-technical-function.

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