What is this? (speaker circuit)

I found a pair of broken speakers in a junkyard a while ago and wanted to take the good-looking connectors. When I removed them from the chassi I saw that there was a circuit board on the other side and now I wonder what it does. At first I thought it was an amplifier, but there is no connection for power or batteries. I made some schematics of the circuit, I hope that will help. Gogo gadget, internet community intelligence!

Picture of What is this? (speaker circuit)
gmoon8 years ago
Looks like a passive crossover circuit. No batteries or power == passive.

It's an audio filter for speakers. I.E., it feeds low frequencies to the woofer, and high freq to the tweeter.

"L" is the symbol for inductor.
Punkguyta gmoon8 years ago
Looks like?? No, it definitely IS a crossover
kester8 years ago
i agree with gmoon. thats the only thing that i know sound circuitry uses indutors for. i guess its like he/she said its a bass filter
Jur (author) 8 years ago
Ah, I see!
Thanks a lot =)