What is your Playstation Network name, and what games do you have?

My name is mikeyg1995 message me and tell me your instructables username, and I'll add. I have a bunch of games, my favorites are Call of Duty 4, Skate, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, Lego Batman, and I just got LittlebigPlanet.

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joker.lest7 years ago
joker_lest add me !!!!!
FFVIIBOY7 years ago

i dont know my name cuz my dad made the file but ive oly downloaded FFVII onto my PSP

Tom Buckey8 years ago
anybody have COD: WAW I mainly play that and PAIN. I have two PS3's so I have to PSN's: sir-buck1994 DanGosling (that has caps where shown)
mg0930mg (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
I have Waw but only play der riese really.
Booooooo! Zombie levels stink!
mg0930mg (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
I like them, I just don't like the guns in the game, but the maps are excellent. If they were in modern warfare, I'd have no problems.
while where on the subject are you getting Mw2 because I've heard that Sony had a argument with Infinity Ward so Infinity Ward are delaying the PS3 version.
mg0930mg (author)  Tom Buckey8 years ago
As said on playstation forums....

There hasn't been a falling out between Sony Entertainment and Activision. I am not sure where you heard this but it is FUD. Now, MS might be securing exclusive DLC, time exclusive content, etc. from developers but that is only because they are willing to shell out more money. Sony keep hoping that their past and PlayStation name is enough to secure exclusive content/games from developers but money speaks louder than anything.

Either way, Activision (and Infinity Ward) has shown a commitment to the PlayStation 3 platform. Call Of Duty 4 was one of the first multi-platform games that looked great on both the PS3 and other console. That was back when most developers would make games for the other console and contract out third parties to port the content over to the PS3. The developers behind Call Of Duty 3 did this and the game was terrible. However, COD4 was different and stood out from the crowd of terrible ports. Increased support by making downloads for greater instrument compatibility in both the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises is another example of how Activision/Harmonix is committed to the PS3.

So you can take that little rumor and throw it out the window. I am not sure who told you this false information but they are wrong and probably a fanboy of one of the other consoles or of the PC platform.

My PSN name is Lonely Knight and i have Turok, B- Field:B-Company, Warhawk, Motorstorm 1&2, Rainbow 6 Las Vegas and lots more... Send me an Invite i might forget, and ill be on at 2:00 PST.
DJ Radio8 years ago
psn name is DJ Radio. I have nfs underground, underground 2, most wanted, goldeneye-rouge agent, lsw 1 and 2, lego indiana jones, lego batman, and a tennis game.
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