What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

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I don't have anything unpublished. I type mine up when the kids finally go to bed for the night, and I worry I'd forget to publish if I didn't do it all in one go.
AntMan2327 years ago
4:0 I only add instructables after I've made something cool and looked back, thinking, I should have instructabled that, so i usually make another or dismantle the old one. I thetn have a whole instructable, so i publish it.
5:0 lol. I publish everything I do
mistic7 years ago
16:16 I wonder how many people actually make the projects I published.? How can we get info there?
Gorfram8 years ago
2:18 (or, as per Goodhart, 1:9 :)<br /><br />The 18 Unpublished 'Ibles break down into:<br />* 3 that are on the brink, awaiting just one or two more pics and some text & proofing here and there (one for the Digital Days photo contest - anyone want to offer odds on whether I'll make it? :)<br />* 5 that are half-finished projects, with some of the photos and parts of the text.<br />* And 11 that are placeholders for super-nifty 'Ible ideas. About half of these have text copy-pasted from some of my over-long replies in "Answers," on the theory that, if I had that much to say, I should probably create an 'Ible for it.<br /><br />That's not counting the 5 Ibles-In-Progress on my own computer, 5 embryonic Ible-ideas brainstormed on my Orangeboard, and the 3 "Ibles I should do someday" post-its stuck to my monitor. <br /><br />Just call me "an Idea Person." :)<br />
Gorfram Gorfram8 years ago
Whoo-hoo! I'm up to 3:17!!!
Just published my photography 'Ible, and got it submitted in time for the Digital Days photo contest (I'm counting on the sympathy vote :).

(I realize that there's no great reason for anybody but me to be thrilled and happy about this, but figured this topic was as good a place as any for me to do my celebratory whooping and hollering.)

Gorfram Gorfram7 years ago
Whoo-hoo #2!!!! :)

Finally published one of the 17 that have been languishing so long in Unpublished durance vile. But I started a new 'Ible in anticipation of the Sewing Contest, so that makes my total ratio 4:18.
Gorfram Gorfram7 years ago
And now my new 'Ible is Front Page Featured! Woot, woot, and double-woot!!! :)
I am still struggling to find time to finish the project for the USB contest......ah what's the use....it isn't anything so special anyways....
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