What is your Published to Unpublished ratio?

After finishing one last week and deleting one I'm finally at 1:1. Are you an unpublished packrat, collecting ideas, or do you (unlike me) finish everything you start?

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I don't have anything unpublished. I type mine up when the kids finally go to bed for the night, and I worry I'd forget to publish if I didn't do it all in one go.
AntMan2326 years ago
4:0 I only add instructables after I've made something cool and looked back, thinking, I should have instructabled that, so i usually make another or dismantle the old one. I thetn have a whole instructable, so i publish it.
5:0 lol. I publish everything I do
mistic6 years ago
16:16 I wonder how many people actually make the projects I published.? How can we get info there?
Gorfram7 years ago
2:18 (or, as per Goodhart, 1:9 :)<br /><br />The 18 Unpublished 'Ibles break down into:<br />* 3 that are on the brink, awaiting just one or two more pics and some text & proofing here and there (one for the Digital Days photo contest - anyone want to offer odds on whether I'll make it? :)<br />* 5 that are half-finished projects, with some of the photos and parts of the text.<br />* And 11 that are placeholders for super-nifty 'Ible ideas. About half of these have text copy-pasted from some of my over-long replies in "Answers," on the theory that, if I had that much to say, I should probably create an 'Ible for it.<br /><br />That's not counting the 5 Ibles-In-Progress on my own computer, 5 embryonic Ible-ideas brainstormed on my Orangeboard, and the 3 "Ibles I should do someday" post-its stuck to my monitor. <br /><br />Just call me "an Idea Person." :)<br />
Gorfram Gorfram7 years ago
Whoo-hoo! I'm up to 3:17!!!
Just published my photography 'Ible, and got it submitted in time for the Digital Days photo contest (I'm counting on the sympathy vote :).

(I realize that there's no great reason for anybody but me to be thrilled and happy about this, but figured this topic was as good a place as any for me to do my celebratory whooping and hollering.)

Gorfram Gorfram6 years ago
Whoo-hoo #2!!!! :)

Finally published one of the 17 that have been languishing so long in Unpublished durance vile. But I started a new 'Ible in anticipation of the Sewing Contest, so that makes my total ratio 4:18.
Gorfram Gorfram6 years ago
And now my new 'Ible is Front Page Featured! Woot, woot, and double-woot!!! :)
I am still struggling to find time to finish the project for the USB contest......ah what's the use....it isn't anything so special anyways....
"ah what's the use....it isn't anything so special anyways...."

Fiddlesticks. If it's special, or useful, or amusing, to you; then it's worthy of an Ible.

Whether that Ible is (or can be) brought into being in time for a given contest isn't really so important, The purpose of the contests is to inspire, not to frustrate. If you haven't quite finished the 'Ible by the contest deadline, you're still ahead - because your new Ible wil be almost finished. :)
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