What is your dream arsenal??

Okay I have a question for all of you. What is your dream arsenal?? I want to hear from all for you telling us what you would want for an arsenal. Also if you already have an arsenal put together tell us what you have in it. My arsenal: Rifles: A rifle based on the Rectangle ZKAR AR-4 V3 Knexsayer BRV1 My long rifle DD-27 Pistols: FX-9 FX-9 V2.5 Spiff Oodassault pistol Crossbows: FX-9 V2 My arsenal is pretty much my dream arsenal. lol Now jump in and tell us about your dream arsenal.

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tytiger336 years ago
The guns are The Kinetic rifle, my modded break action shotgun, the Desperado with bayonet, Oodasault 3.6, Tr 18 piece monger edition, updated ZKAR with skeleton stock, Kinetic's crossbow, And KillerSafeCracker's TBUAW. 84 rounds of Oodammo 50 rounds of red rod oodammo, 40 rounds of gray rod oodammo, and 60 something rounds for the TBUAR. The longer ammo's clip clips into the yellow connector of the shot gun.
DJ Radio8 years ago

Arsenal 003.JPG
What happened with your br8 stock?
I killed it....
And i can fly.
i can read minds
And I'm part of a cartoon.
And i'm a super villain :P
I will destroy you in your sleep!
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