What is your favorite knex gun on this site?

The title pretty much sums it all up. What is the best knex gun on this site so far? It can include crossbows or anything else.

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there are so many great guns that i coundnt have a favourite
HamO10 years ago
One which will never be made!
Metal4God10 years ago
flinging goose's MP5
Vynash10 years ago
my favorite is mepains sniper rifle
jetjayjay10 years ago
My favorite is probably Perfect Duck's Red Impact... Or perhaps Oodalumps' semi-automatic.
captianchase10 years ago
if you like mepains revolver check mine out
oooohhh boy. RodGun- "Simple pump action gun" (opinion will probably change in a week but whatever.) RBG-Mine, check it out, 19 rubber bands in less than 3 seconds.
fobblewabble (author) 10 years ago
its speller revolver , but cool
never mind i like mepains sniper and i know but i was typing fast
nick.z10 years ago
i like the Knexecutioner and mepains shifle.
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