What is your favorite thing about Instructables?

Just curious, what does everyone like most about this site?

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msemtd4 years ago

The sharing - it's all about the sharing!

Kiteman msemtd3 years ago


spunk3 years ago

I think what I like the most is the fact that all kinds of knowledge fields are considered equally on instructables. Curiosity and creativity seem to be the uniting driving spirit in all the different categories. (Although most of my 'ibles are food related I'm not at all tempted to participate in a food-only web community) Inquisitiveness in all sorts of fields is what I'm able to celebrate on instuctables : )

blackweb4 years ago

The creativity of many people is amazing. Like the feedback feature also...some extra good tips added. Most people try to be positive, some don't which is rather annoying at times. Please keep your negativity to yourself. Some further instructables I would like to see..wind chimes, sand creations, recycling ideas, household tips.

rosaleen4 years ago

Everything about instructables is enjoyable. I might not be able to make most of the more difficult projects but I enjoy reading them. Also enjoy the food and easy craft. The sharing is wonderful

786Ayesha4 years ago

The People,what they make,what they love ,their critics,their jelousy(to one of my popular project there was a comment "that looks nasty" :( stunning replies from the community and not forgetting authors ,getting to know people from all over the world,(I am a snail mail writter)so much ........:)

Q-Asif4 years ago

there are many people in there who helps another like a family. here we are all positive minded and help each other.

The supportive community. :)

Agreed. :)


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