What is your war kit??

Okay everybody I have another question for you. What is you war kit?? In other words what are the top 3 knex and real weapons you would take into combat??

Top 3 knex weapons:
main weapon ---- Trifle 18
secondary weapon ---- modded rectangle
pistol ---- spiff

Top 3 real weapons:
main weapon ---- FN Herstal P90
secondary weapon ---- Ruger MP9
pistol ---- I don't know a whole lot about pistols but i think a desert eagle would be good.

Alright now jump in like before and tell us you war kit.
By the way sorry about the bad picture I took it on my DSi.

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Top 3 K'NEX Weapons:

Main: TR8

Secondary: ZKAR

Sniper: SRV3

Pistol: TheDunKILLMeZak

Top 3 Real Weapons:

Main: Steyr AUG

Secondary: FN Herstal P90

Sniper: Dragonuv SDV

Pistol: FN Five-seveN

Kona-chan1 year ago

Knex load out:

don't go to knex wars, they ain't held where I live.

Real load out?:

primairy would be a CMMG MK47 Mutant

Secondairy would be a short pump action shotgun

pistol would be a Glock 18 chambered in .45acp with a dualstack medium cap mag

tinyhooman1 year ago

Alrighty, I know I'm late, but here ya go anyway.


Primary:Modded full auto uzi

Secondary:Tactical knife

Pistol: Small true trigger knex pistol



Secondary: Uzi

Pistol: TEC-9(aka home wrecker)

An Villain6 years ago
Primary: Bolt-Action Rifle
Secondary: Pump Shotgun
Pistol: No Idea What It Is
(Note: They all chamber the same thing, That can be good or bad at times.)

Primary: Remington M700 (7.62X51 / .308 Winchester)
Secondary: .45 Converted UZI SMG
Pistol: .45 LC Ruger Blackhawk (Modified Version Of The Best Gun Ever Made.)
~KGB~8 years ago
what is a fn herstal p90!!! show me a picture!!!
Hiyadudez ~KGB~8 years ago
Use common sense. Search it on google.
~KGB~ Hiyadudez8 years ago
i found out months ago
Hiyadudez ~KGB~8 years ago
I don't care.
~KGB~ Hiyadudez8 years ago
DJ Radio8 years ago
Here's my newest war kit.  I wanna get someone over so I can have a knex war.
Arsenal 003.JPG
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