What kind of K'nex gun would you like to see?

I was just wondering what kind of K'nex gun you would like to see next. I've been wanting to make a gun people would like to see, but I never really have any inspiration. So I decided to ask y'all what you want. I might just be able to make something out of it. And also just for other people to see what you want ofcourse. Cause i think we all agree about the fact we don't need any more regular pistols.

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killinater7 years ago
FG-42 also, non gravity mags are simple. just have a bottom plate in the mag that has rubber bands in it so when you shoot it will push the next bullet into the chamber. ps: no i have not built it pps:MAKE THE FG-42 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heat-seeker8 years ago
a mp7 with an retactable stock and a internal fireing pin.
xcalibur3248 years ago
i'd like to see a full auto, beltfed m249 parasaw, with bolt catch. is there intel on what we want to see, or r these adears
smidge14710 years ago
a machine with a removable mag which when removed actually hold the bullets in and not fire them all out.
Dutchj (author)  smidge14710 years ago
Ehm,that's a big vague. Could you explain it a little more
smidge147 Dutchj10 years ago
Oh! A SPAS shotgun! That isn't an MG it is a auto shotgun.
its semi auto not full auto
Oh, I always though it kept firing with the trigger depressed - maybe I got confused with a different one.
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