What kind of tech deck do you have?

What company is your deck?????????????

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quintanara15 years ago
I have a Black Label, 2 Powell Peraltas, 1 Never Summer longboard, 4 Bakers and 3 DGK's
i have 23 tech decks my favourite is my wooden DGK
weirdo627 years ago
I have an almost board with a guy eating a donut lol, a flip with a green cat face, and a regular darkstar.
jazza298 years ago
i have an element rare that i bought off ebay 2 zoo yorks and a world industries pac man .
Bashamon8 years ago
im deciing to get a new tech deck. should i get a blind, world industries, baker, or another plan b?
bam218 years ago
ive got flip,blind,world industries and dgk
loganature18 years ago
shes so cute her name is jalin
Wait, your girlfriend, or the Teck Deck?
Xander da gr8 (author)  CapnTac8 years ago
something tells me you dont want to know.......
dvnfntn8 years ago
I have a really cool Plan B skateboard
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