What kind of war weapons would you like to see?

Well I need some ideas. I'm getting rather bored of the "must have" weapons for war. This isn't always the case for some people but yeah I still don't know if you would like certain types of weapons or not. For example, the old generation of handle fed side arms are rather obsolete compared to the new oodammo assault pistols. I wanted to try something different with the BAW by sacrificing the range of a turret, BA, or shelled ammo for simplicity, reliability, and fast reloading. It's one of those weapons that can be mass produced somewhat easily. I still understand the TR pretty much outclasses it though so I'm going to ask you guys first. What kind of weapons are you still interested in seeing and using in war? I'm thinking mostly for indoor or small, casual outdoor wars, nothing super competitive that you plan on taking to some large event though I may be able to make something like that.

For example:
Would you still like a basic assault pistol like weapon? Like a spiff-like weapon with removable magazines and maximized for range. Basically something that could be mass produced for small indoor wars? Could also use my magazine idea further down.
Would you still like a handle fed side arm that had a trigger behind to get more power out of a compact weapon? Maybe a repeating crossbow pistol? That could probably get decent range but still be a compact weapon.
Shelled ammo? I could probably make something like the BAW but with shelled ammo and possibly get more range with the ammo. You could easily make a shell catch. Would that be too much of a hassle compared to just using a bolt or turret?
Side loading magazines? Does that sound good for anything? It kind of follows along the same concept of oodammo pistols where you can quickly reload a fixed magazine with individual rounds or entire clips without needing to worry about multiple magazines. I had an idea for this but didn't know if it would be put to good use in a war weapon.
K'nex flinging RBGs? What would it take for you to use them? I like the semi auto firing capabilities and decent range compared to "true" semi autos. I know you have to load a rubber band for every time you want to fire but then you also have to do that with a normal slingshot but you can only use one set of bands. What if I made one fully auto with controllable fire rate (yes, I have an idea for that though I don't know if it'll work). What if I made some sort of way to speed load rubber bands?
Shotgun- useful at all? Two ideas here. One would be just a basic pistol kind of like my old shotgun pistol but with a multi-chamber shell so you'd have like 5 shots of 8 green rods. I can't build this but maybe a pump action sling that shot like 3 connectors?

Any other ideas? Take into mind my amount of pieces. The UMP and BAW both used about all my yellow connectors and green rods so I'm looking at either pistols or SMG sized weapons possibly without filled stocks. I'm also expecting that you'll build and use it if you request it. I don't really care for blindly thrown suggestions.

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WHERE CAN I FIND THE ZKAR v3 ?????????????
~KGB~7 years ago
magpul masada, pure quality...
14r313377 years ago

A full auto less than 1000 pieces, and gets at least 50 feet. No motors. Fires rods and stores up to 25 ammo rods.

Good luck getting that....
I'm just listing what's nearly impossible to make.
vog1157 years ago
an sub machine gun
heat-seeker7 years ago
How about a simple full auto woth some power and portabilty. Like Perfect Duck's one but without the mental piece count. Maby you could do it so it has a interchangeable barrel mag?

Also i would be so happy if you make a RGB full automatic and even more if you base it on a real gun? I had a idea that you could use a p90 because you can put the mech and bands on  magazine so you can change mags and it is full auto.
Heat-seeker begs you for that one ^.
What about mine?
rec0n7 years ago
Controlable ROF M8A3?
builder9687 years ago
I might try to make a mag fed shotgun with only one pin. That would be EPiC! (lol) Or you could try :)
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