What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :D

Is there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again?
Any contests you're sick of?
A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on?
Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?

We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. 

P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)

Have prize suggestions? Check this topic.
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Robot contest Pleeeeaaase

Please make another "MakerLympics" contest for summer of 2016!

zaphodd421 month ago

There is very little about 'glass' on Instructables, as a maker craft or art form. And I dont believe there has has ever been a glass contest. Seeing as how the science of glass is so relevant right now, it would interesting to see what our fellow instruct-ablers think about the subject.



I'm behind you on that one.

Hand-Held Gaming contest. You can make your own hand-held games, modify pre-existing ones, or make a "meant-to-be-played-at-home" console into a portable version.

a reuse contest

Isn't that what Green contest are?

"Green" is not always about recycling or re-using, it's often about things that start with a low impact on resources or the environment.

The currently running Guerilla Design Contest is about reuse.

Raitis4 days ago

Just randomly got this idea and thought I'd share:

An In Disguise contest for stuff which looks completely unrelated to what it actually is. For stuff like laptop cases looking like books on the outside or regular looking pen which has a mike. Food would work too (maybe as judges prize).

Kiteman Raitis4 days ago

Oh, I like that!

An 'Anarchy and Chaos' contest?

'Show us your projects based on random behaviour, or how you tested your invention to the point of destruction. There is no light without darkness. Did you explore the dark side and come back into the light with a good solution? We want to know if the concept of ying and yang inspired you to solve a problem.'

A myth busters contest would be cool, where you take a myth and prove it wrong, like the TV show.

Photography contest :)

I would love to see a photography contest too! All the instructables depend on photographs and then are a ton of techniques for composition, lighting and artistic license. There are also very specific subject matter like photographing scenes such as desktop, indoor, outdoor, portraits and wildlife and each employs different techniques. There are a ton of methods for good post-processing, whether you are using instagram filters or using photoshop or lightroom with other post-processing apps. That would be a fun contest!

Yes it would be :)

harsh429912 days ago

A Vegetarian FOOD contest.THis would even inculcate a feeling to diminish the ever thought notion that "Vegetarian food is boring"..........

Corinbw13 days ago

A mini contest. Not the contest itself being mini, but the theme for the contest be anything mini.

the_anykey16 days ago

an kinetic sand competition. curious to see what people can come up with to make or use kinetic sand for. Love that stuff :-)

suhani D18 days ago

Can we have a contest on drawing!

Pencil drawing,water color and other types of drawing.

it will be interesting.

Not_Tasha27 days ago

Comic-Con contest, backpacks/bags, sewing, Doctor Who, coffee, LEDs, circuits, duct tape, recycleables, candles, beeswax, scents, clay/ceramics, hmmm....

Ceramics is definitely something I'd like to see more of on Instructables. A clay contest sounds great!

Hmm, clay / mouldable solids / papier mache etc sounds good. It could even include Shapelock and Sugru to widen the appeal.

Papier mache isn't clay, but you could widen the contest to handmade 3-D projects.

I know papier mache isn't clay, I was aiming at a general "soft mouldable stuff that goes hard" vibe.

That's another way of looking at it. I hadn't thought of that angle. I'm on board!


Circuit contest for sure!

Sir Bacon19 days ago

Airgun contest

Another low budget contest( i missed it and I had some amazing ideas)

Knife making contest

Why not a sleep contest? About a third of our 24 hour day is spent sleeping, so why not innovate to make that time more pleasant, more efficient, etc. Some possible entries could be a new idea for an alarm clock, a cooling pillow, a heated pillow, and much more.

you guyd should really make a cristmas greeting card design contest

terrorzord1 month ago

EVIL!!!! It's very disappointing when I type in evil. Chainsaw arms, infinite Necronomicon props, and sticking red led eyes on everything make up the bulk. C'mon.. let's have some more evil in our lives!

We did a Superhero and Supervillain contest recently! If Supervillains aren't evil, I don't know what is!

kokoleo1 month ago

Plush/doll/puppet contest

DIY shoes contest

Earthworks (outdoor art)

TV show or movie homage projects

propchap1 month ago

I was wondering if you could do age groups for those of us who are competing against professionals. Please do. Thanks!

Ebener1 month ago

Do a most easiest way to solve a rubix cube or pyraminx and the ball rubix things and so know what I mean.

a burning questions contest. I saw we had one years ago.

A instructables robot contest :)

Persona1 month ago

I think an Umbrella contest would be interesting. Something where you could modify or use or make an umbrella -- in time for the spring and summer rainy season!

Vyger1 month ago

I just had an interesting message exchange with another member and we would suggest a type of wood contest in which no purchased wood is allowed. In other words you can't go down to the store and pick up a sheet of plywood. Instead everything has to be either previously used and so recycled (like pallet wood) or processed from your own source as in your own trees. Need a 2X 4, then pull it out of a building, but no purchasing wood. Hardware like screws and hinges would be OK but no new wood. Scraps and left overs that would normally get thrown out would be OK. And you need to validate your wood source with pictures, like a scrap pile or such. I keep piles of salvaged 2 x 4 for all my projects. Take the nails out of them and stack them up. Hey, You could call it a "green" wood contest.

Another one that I thought of the other day would be a wire art contest. There are a lot projects that are made with wire. I searched for them and there are many but I don't think there has ever been a specific contest using wire. As an example this is a wire sculpture I ran across.

ogel1 month ago

A cardboard contest!

ogel ogel1 month ago

And a duct tape

AnoukW1 month ago

Things to make with (younger) children...

We should have a drawing contest.

THE GOOSE1 month ago

What about a contest that kind of evens the playing field. how about a contest that has us all use the same items, but can use them how ever you want. to make what ever you want.. for instance -

a coffee can, paint, string, 2x4x2', and a Twinkie.

just make it things that most people would already have around the house. or make them ridiculous items like -

a quart of oil, a skittle, the plastic thing that hooks on the toilet from the toilet cleaner disk, and a broken tragicomedy voice box.

just a idea bouncing between my ears...


sounds fun and challenging!

Snowball101 month ago

A special diets food contest would be great! People could enter recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, clean, plantbased, etc.

We should have a summer contest but right before summer so I can get some good ideas :)

Can you enter multiple categories?

Generally, you can enter one instructable in up to 3 contests and you can enter as many projects as you want in each contest, but if you enter more than one instructable in the contest, only one of your projects can win. Hope that makes sense! If you have other questions, you might want to check out the Contest FAQ thread that you can find here

fryars1231 month ago

What about a farming/smallholding contest? any takers?

GageGlade1 month ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade1 month ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade1 month ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade1 month ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

abeaule1 month ago

I'd love to see "amateur" type contest ! Things like the wood working but were people without the tools or space to get professional results have a chance ! Don't get me wrong the winners were 100% deserving, but it would be cool to have challenges or contest more "average joe" level.

good idea :)

THE GOOSE1 month ago

How about a sharpie contest that you could - draw something on your wall, use it to roll out some cookie dough, use them like Lincoln Logs and build a small crack house for highlighters, or a really short car hood prop.

just some more pong between the lobes


Thank you so much for the Music and Audio contest! I've been waiting for one for so long. Here we go...

A lighting contest, glass contest, maybe every month having an upcycling challenge with specific items for example utensils, corks, coins, leather jackets, twine, etc. For Halloween season, candy making contest, pumpkin carving contest. During the summer, camping contest, summer sweets contest for example Popsicles, lemonade, etc, a beach contest.

I like the monthly upcycling challenge idea and I think we are sort of trying to do something like that, starting with the rubber band challenge!

I totally agree. Contests challenge me to come up with something new, and I love the simplicity and challenge of trying to come up with something using a very specific everyday item.

We have some good ones coming up in the future (duct tape, PVC, zip ties, hot glue, glitter, etc.) and we would love more ideas :D


I just fixed my helmet with hot glue!

Yeah, that's true. I've had some more ideas since. Upcycling: Bike inner tubes, newspaper, soup cans. An ice challenge. A movie themed contest. You could do individual franchises such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.

Or a TV show contest:Doctor Who themed stuff, etc.

We would love to do things with franchises but we can't do specific ones because of copyright issues. We are trying to figure out ways to incorporate them in bigger, more general contests (the Apocalypse Preparedness contest for example was based off an idea to do a Walking Dead themed contest) hope that makes sense :D Keep the awesome ideas coming!

Boombuzz2 months ago


JWDIYguy Boombuzz2 months ago

How about an Altoids tin contest; make something utilizing at least 1 Altoids tin?

Altoids tin projects are perfect for the Small Spaces contest that's going on right now!

Boombuzz JWDIYguy2 months ago

Ha! That would be great if I had any Altoids tins!

I think we will be having a Prank Challenge in April!

Great! Could we have it before April 1 so I can get some new ideas? Of course pranks are fun year round. ..

Yes, it will start before April 1st and end a week or so after so there's plenty of time for documentation :)

Boombuzz Boombuzz2 months ago


starforest1 month ago

Last year there was a office supplies contest. Will it be again this year?

Maybe for ComiCon, a cosplay contest and a comic book contest.

For Chinese New Year, we could have a Chinese Cuisine Contest.

I think a comfort food contest would be fun.

For Maker Faire, we could have a fair fare contest. :)

FamousMods2 months ago

Id like to see more Micro-controller (Arduino) related contests, really just anything technology related!

We have some good tech contests in the works :)

AwesomeM11 month ago

Altoids tin contest would be awesome! Also more paracord contests and Minecraft!

Altoid tin projects are perfect for the Small Spaces contest that's going on right now!

I second the Altoid tins! or tins? You can buy cheap tins here too:

We did for a craft at an event :D

nancyjohns2 months ago

My little brother suggests a Medical Contest. About making medical supplies and how to use them.

mrsgyver2 months ago

How about an instructable to make something useful for the elderly or disabled. From scratch, or a clever modification. To make life a little easier or pleasant.

THE GOOSE2 months ago

how about a SIGN contest.

neon, led, metal, wood, paint, ???

garage signs, business signs, man cave signs, graffiti, things you made out of street signs, crop circles, whatever sign you made.

Raitis THE GOOSE2 months ago

Breaking news: Stolen street sign amount just increased 5 times. Investigators suspect instructables users.

I sort of like the idea :)

I like that idea! I haven't heard that one before either.

Electrospark2 months ago

I don't see any technology related contest coming up! :'(

Oh well, I'll have to wait a bit more before posting my first electronic instructable...

A lot of companies sponsor electronics contests, so they will be happening, they probably just won't show up on this calendar, sorry!

Okay, I can't wait! :D

I think we should have a penguin contest or challenge for anything penguin related. and the grand prize could be a roll of penguin duck tape & a i-pad or something. I hope we do because I have like a ton of ideas for a penguin contest I would probaly post like at least 20 instructables I have so many ideas.

That would be a pretty funny contest, but it's really specific. Maybe you can make some penguin themed projects that would fit into other contests? Maybe some kind of project for the Explore Science Contest about penguins! That would be awesome and then you could share your penguin knowledge with the world! :D

Sounds like a pretty neat idea! Penguins for Life!

Thanks I really hope we have it :)

indeepknit2 months ago

I'd love to see (and participate in) a kitschy foods contest.I mean funky looking stuff out of the 50's and 60's like aspics, bologna loaves, meatloaves covered in cheese sauce and peas, and fizzy green and pink cocktails. Please? It would be SO much goofy fun!

Haha, that would be so fun! I'll see if something like that would work :)

milkywaybar2 months ago

How about an Analog Game Contest? Things like board games, card games, playground games, etc?

We have been tossing this idea around for a while! Great idea!

indeepknit2 months ago

I'd love to see (and participate in) a kitschy foods contest.I mean funky looking stuff out of the 50's and 60's like aspics, bologna loaves, meatloaves covered in cheese sauce and peas, and fizzy green and pink cocktails. Please? It would be SO much goofy fun!

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