What kinds of contests do YOU want to see on Instructables?

Hi everyone! As we're planning contests for the next year, we wanted to get suggestions and feedback on the types of contests we're running. :D

Is there a contest we ran years ago you'd like to see again?
Any contests you're sick of?
A weekly challenge you'd like us to expand on?
Do you want the contests to be more specific or more open ended?

We're trying to shake things up in contest-land - so any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm especially interested in what types of tech contests you guys would like to see, as well as ideas for food contests. 

P.S. For anyone wondering about weekly challenges - we're still trying to figure out a way to do it that makes it easy for you guys to enter and easy for the editors here to run. But I promise we are discussing it! :)

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vederstein13 hours ago

Make something needlessly complex. I'm talking mechanical mechanisms that actually do something simple, but in an wildly complex way. It can be microprocessor or electrically controlled, but the workings should be mechanical.

The visual portion of a mechanical device can be memorizing.

Cams, gears, levers, rams, etc. Just make it far more complex than should be.

Think the old Rube Goldberg comics.

cospleia2 days ago

A Star Trek or Star Wars food contest would be awesome!

Also a costume and upcycling clothing contest!

Agreed, I'd be happy with just about anything Star Trek related!

Easter contest :)

Mauibuck3 days ago

How about a new contest for medical/assistive/adaptive Instructables? Might be good to have 2 categories, electronic and non-electronic.

Underwater/ Diving something in that line

how about Chipboard storage ideas. I can find hardly any chipboard projects on instructables. There are so many cool things you can make out of chipboard.

berlingozzo10 days ago

"Wheel of fortune" contest - create something based on wheels.

berlingozzo10 days ago

"what really grinds my gears?" contest - create something containing gears. [reference to Family Guy intentional]

berlingozzo10 days ago

New musical instrument contest - create a new musical instrument. Musical instrument = anything producing musical sounds. Musical sounds: any audible signal whose waveform is periodic (excludes percussions - which in turn produce "noise", i.e. non-periodic waveforms).

"Under Budget" Contest:

Create anything, but stay under a set dollar amount (you have to provide links in the instructable to all materials showing cost). Good way to get a variety of Instructables with known costs for the person who wants to tackle the project.

There could be a $5, $20, $50 and $100 categories.... with prizes for each.

Be creative but cost conscience also!

Good Idea! LIke the budget idea and prize breakdown.

+1 Great idea.

Contests I Would Love To See (and suggestions for each)

1) Face Painting Contest (I was inspired by David Lynch's 2011 contribution with Duran Duran on their "Unstaged" film, so I figured that for each person who enters their face paint design will have their work featured during the celebration of the group's 40th anniversary, which will also be to honor the appreciation of their fans; in addition, I would love for the entries and the early contributions from the film to be featured in a book project named after the art installation from the film which was called "All Of Us Now".)

2) Flea Market Flip Contest (find a flea market find that you can reinvent, re-imagine, re-fix, etc.)

3) Cupcake Wars (the best cupcakes by the best finalists will be featured at a Maker Faire)

4) Letters & Numbers (create a project that uses letters or numbers)

5) Gold (incorporate gold into a piece; i.e. chair, face paint design)

6) Dr. Seuss (project inspired by classic Dr. Seuss stories; Green Eggs & Ham, The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss' ABC, etc.)

7) 1980s (project inspired by the 1980s; movies, music, TV, pop culture, art)

8) Upholstery / Fabric (reupholster a piece of furniture or incorporate fabric into an object)

9) Holiday Fun (Christmas / Hanukkah / Kwanzaa / New Year's)

10) Social Media Remix (recreate a project inspired by a favorite YouTuber, blogger, or other social media artist; i.e. Bethany Mota, Rosanna Pansino)

Contests I Would Love To See Again

*Trash To Treasure


*Homemade Gifts

*Summer Fun


*Valentine's Day

*T-Shirt Transformation

*Duct Tape

*Big & Small

*all of the Halloween contests

ecrouch1 month ago

I have a contest suggestion. I have a young daughter who would like to enter projects in your contests but her skill level can't compete with the older, more experienced makers. I'd like to suggest a "kids only" contest. Thoughts?

Do you mean something like an "under age __ contest"? I think there was something like that a few years ago...

I think that would be abused by the sorts of parents who do their kids' homework projects for them.

Better to look for the occasional "first time author" contests, or maybe follow them up with a "second project" contest?

Sandwich contest

"Reparing dead gadgets" Contest. what about it?

nancyjohns1 month ago

How about a Books contest? So the idea is that you could enter things like bookbinding/techniques for bookbinding, making things out of old books, etc.

techno man1 month ago

Rube Goldberg machine contest

ecrouch1 month ago

I have another idea. Design a game challenge.

BaptisteL81 month ago

Urban Garden challenge

Organic garden Challenge

I want to see another big or small, knex, and how to play _____ contest.

BaptisteL82 months ago

Cardboard challenge

Commuting challenge

Office Hack challenge

Office Fun challenge

Kids challenge

An office challenge would be great! Wouldn't it be an idea to suggest open source software packages to sponsor an office challenge? Examples of essential maker's desk gear: GNU Image Manipulation Program (www.gimp.org), vector graphics editor Inkscape (www.inkscape.org) and many more...

Time Contest - Anything to do with time, timers, clocks or time keeping, etc.

Yonatan241 month ago

Magnets challenge?

Radio - includes wifi, Bluetooth, cell phones, GPRS, ham radio, sat comms, wireless transmitters etc.

Smart Robot car challenge..

I would like to see a contest for Instructables where the same end result can be achieved using a choice of skills or tools, depending on what people have access to. The criteria for entry would be that every I'ble must provide the resources necessary for it to be build in different ways.

For example, I'm working on an I'ble where the main components can either be 3d printed, laser cut, CNC machined or hand-made. Each step includes the various files, templates and designs required for each method. The overall idea being that it makes them more accessible, regardless of your toolset. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an I'ble you really like, only to find you can't make it as you don't have the gear.

... Improvisation Contest?

...Hand tool contest?

Mark 422 months ago

I have an idea for a contest (though it's a bit late now)...

My idea: A contest to make something out of discarded political election signs.

They are made out of Corrugated Plastic sheet (e.g. Corflflute), and millions of them get thrown into the trash every election cycle.


Never too late, there's probably an election happening somewhere in the world.Plus I see those corrugated plastic signs laying around for months after the event.

Not_Tasha1 month ago

More fiber arts!

Yonatan242 months ago

Organization/ creative storage contest!

TheGunNut442 months ago

An optics contest would be cool, people could enter anything including telescopes, binoculars, rifle scopes etc.

And prizes would be inexpensive but quality such as this or this.

Your links don't work

There should me another makerspace contest. I started posting instructables on contests right after that contest was over.

Fantasy contest, Imagination contest

Totally agree with these suggestions!

CharlesL1362 months ago

Outdoor Ice/Snow Sculptures, Ice/Snow Designs and Creations etc

bandsaw creation contest

Microbe2 months ago

Party - new 'ibles only

I think it's time for another toy challenge.

KneXFAN2003 months ago

Could you guys do another k'nex contest? Please... I really want to do that!!!

Please put on another knex contest.

How about a Fidget contest? They have to make something that you could use everyday to keep yourself busy. It could be very useful to those with ADD or ADHD.

Fathomlis3 months ago

How about a 'Desktop Toys and Gadgets' Contest? Yeah!

Make Zone3 months ago

Another 3D Printing contest 2017

Toga_Dan3 months ago

using it "wrong!".

caracoda4 months ago

"Make it antique" contest.There will be some awesome instructables I am sure. But the prizes must be very much worth it because not everyone is ready to share theiy antiquing processes LOL

KneXFAN2004 months ago

Could you do a toy rods and connectors contest Very soon. At least starting January, 2017. Please... I really want to do that!!!

TVbuster4 months ago

Their should be a toy contest. the contestants could have to make Fun, Yet simple toys.

Toga_Dan4 months ago

brand new, and you're cutting it up??? Straight from the store and hacking it already!!

Not_Tasha4 months ago

Maybe something related to giving back/volunteering/Random Acts of Kindness? Some people might not know how to get started volunteering or getting involved with their community.

Cherzer Not_Tasha4 months ago

I agree, it would be interesting and heart warming to see how people interpret that as a challenge theme. It would likely bring awareness to all kinds of things most of us don't even have on our radar.

I understand how this could be an Instructable! Interesting thought I like it!

Ahh... Something clever like this!:


How would that work in an actual Instructable, or do you mean something else?

The gifts contest should be coming up soon, if that what you mean...

Cherzer4 months ago

2017 Contest and Challenge Marathon- submit something for every contest and challenge run in 2017. It would be brutal! And it might force you to learn something new (IoT, what the heck is that?). All those that cross the finish line should get an awesome 2017 Trophy or Patch.

RampedUpDIY4 months ago

A "How-to video" or "DIY video" contest would be pretty neat.

matthew2m24 months ago

A science-based contest would be awsome.Like general science not like build my lab type one

mahdis_st4 months ago

I think its good to make a Harry Potter , lord of the rings , doctor who or sherlock series contest or fandom contest

thank you for responding

ladymda5 months ago

It would be Sooo awesome if you guys could do a bracelets contest, that would be absolutely amazing!! :D

ediestel ladymda4 months ago

I think a jewelry contest is scheduled for early next year I'm excited for that !

thebrownie5 months ago

Backpack contest

I think a bag contest is coming up. Just delayed

Yonatan244 months ago

An "INSPIRED" contest! Similar to the I could make that contest.

See something online, or anywhere else, and it inspires you to make something even better!

lglira5 months ago

Strange musical instruments

WUVIE lglira4 months ago

Great idea!

HeartCrafting4 months ago

Maybe not till spring....but a swimsuit challenge/contest would be awesome!

Cherzer5 months ago

I think a Santa's Workshop Contest would be awesome.

As makers, we often have lots of money sunk into tools, equipment, and materials that we could share to help others make special inexpensive handmade Holliday gifts that they would be proud to give.

For example, while it might only cost me a few dollars to make a nice custom leather journal, my friends might have to pay upwards of $100 to get everything they need to make their first one. This would cost significantly more than just buying one already made. They might not need a whole bottle of dye or a whole package of snaps, but they would have to buy them and then store them.

It would be inspiring to see others sharing their tools and knowledge, and interesting to see how people would overcome the challenges: how do you share equipment, configure work stations for a group, choose projects, divide material costs, etc.

NRyoshi265 months ago

please do another GAME.LIFE contest!!!!!!!

lglira5 months ago

Made of or with stones

Would anybody like an Ancient Civilizations contest? I would love one!

yea that sounds cool

saige hill5 months ago

Cookingwith fruit

saige hill5 months ago

School hacks

saige hill5 months ago


saige hill5 months ago

Bordom compitition

saige hill5 months ago

Rainy days competition

saige hill5 months ago

the wilderness life hacks

zimitt5 months ago

I'd like to see a contest for innovative assistive devices for disabled. I would like to see it encourage volunteers with the Tetra Society of North America, to post their projects, for a wider exposure of original custom solutions. And encourage Makers to volunteer with this wonderful group of people, and come together on this forum to share ideas.


Car Accessories Contest

Ace Gambit6 months ago

Christmas contest!!!!!

jeanotP13146 months ago

I have so many ideas for a spying contest!!

I would like to see a "small engines" contest. I would definitely enter in that one.

An "Engines & Motors" contest, perhaps?

Similar to what Nicolas Britos wrote

I can't find the comment by nicolas that you're referring to. But I would like a contest that is specifically for smaller engines, I want to see people build motorized stuff. And have an excuse to build another motorized bicycle.

I don't think it reaches out to enough people for it to justify a sponsor providing expensive prizes, but that could be a small challenge.

This was his comment: "A car-related instructables. From little homemade RC cars to actual modifications of a real car"

I think it reaches out to more people than a lot of the contests we have had lately. I'm talking about all the ones that pretty much require you to have stuff like 3D printers and other specialized equipment. Plenty of people love to tinker with small engines.

how about a collaboration contest?

A car-related instructables. From little homemade RC cars to actual modifications of a real car

Yes! I've been waiting for a car or RC contest for a while now!

Kiteman6 months ago

How about a Carnival Contest?

It would have to be a long-term thing, plenty of notice and a long deadline, but there are people making floats and things all over the place already;

Trbaum36 months ago

another 3D printer contest pl

nancyjohns6 months ago

I've seen many contests where the prize is some piece of machinery related to the contest's theme. Usually, because the theme is something like, "CNC Contest," or, "3D Printer Contest," where the winner is someone who has a 3D Printer or something already. I would like to see a contest where the entries are not to win a machine like, "Use your [Machine] to make this cool thing," but, "This thing I made that could've been better if I had a [Machine]."

Oh, I think they did one like this - you just had to enter a digital 3d model, without printing it. You could use free software, and describe the reasons why you made it, and the steps you went through to create the design.


I like this idea!

Yonatan246 months ago

Photography contest

oh snap, 80's contest

VeryyBusyy6 months ago

How about a circuitry / circuit board related contest?

exlibris6 months ago

I would love to see a contest to create an affordable ($100) epi-pen!

Yonatan246 months ago

Tools contest. Just tools...

A paper-mache contest might be neat

Make a Biomechanics Contest

Probably bio mimicry,cool animal like gadget

Microbe6 months ago

Travel tips

ediestel6 months ago

for the pumpkin carving contest to also include pumpkin decorating

Yonatan246 months ago

A "Temperature Contest"

Ranging from ice-cream and soup, to forges, Hot-wire cutters, and peltier coolers...

Yonatan247 months ago

There are many new contests, but one of them is "missing": A trash to treasure contest

Brooklyntonia7 months ago


It would be similar to the hiding places contest but would cast a wider net.


kitty 12347 months ago

Soldering contest would be awesome!

I would love to take part in that.

There was one last summer. I hoped they would have had it this year too...

TheMasterChef7 months ago

I think maybe a contest that has to do with school? Like maybe "School DIY Projects"

A Back to School Challenge!

lglira7 months ago

Bonsai and Kokedama contest


Toga_Dan7 months ago

field expedience. Aka baling wire bubble gum and duct tape. Y'know.. ugly repairs or prototyping when you don't quite hav th right tools and materials at hand, but gotta make it work right Now.

Hmmm, sounds like what I do on a daily basis LOL
I second that idea :)

Kiteman7 months ago

How about a contest for gadgets that solve problems that don't exist?

Toga_Dan Kiteman7 months ago

yup that's progress!

I hope you mean nonexistent gadgets that solve problems; and not, gadgets that solve nonexistent problems;-)

No, I meant "problems that don't exist", but maybe "problems you didn't know you had" would be a better phrase - have you never encountered those catalogues full of gadget that solve problems were not previously aware of, like heaters to pre-warm your teapot, special caps to stop pencils going blunt in your pocket, or gadgets to cut vegetables into precise mathematical shapes?

Kiteman Kiteman7 months ago

For instance, do you clean your microwave with a damp cloth, or do you buy an Angry Mama?


Do you slice vegetables, or spagettify them?



I hate cold tea pots I warm mine up under the hot water tap.

I like the Angry Mama it's funny like pet rocks. Nice gift idea.

Fathomlis7 months ago

Why not make a mug contest?

sabu.dawdy7 months ago

embroidery contest??? Like you can make anything with help of embroidery.

Not_Tasha7 months ago

Altered art techiques, glass

Health and Safety - I know this may sound boring - but some of the greatest engineering challenges involve protecting ourselves from dangers ...... Eliminate dust from our workspace ...... Improve household air quality ..... Check for radiation in the basement ....... Build a machine with enhanced safety features ...... Sound off alarms / send text messages when something goes wrong ...... The list goes on and the possibilities are endless.


We had this last year

This one in 2014? ..... For the Protected Contest, we are looking for any and all projects that protect. From a secret compartment to an remotely controlled home security system to the ultimate camping bear box, if it keeps something safe and secure, it’s fair game. How do you protect yourself from earthquakes, cyber attacks, and identity theft?



Oh ... I must have missed it!



sabu.dawdy7 months ago

NAILS CONTEST. Nail care, strong nails, nail art etc manicure edicure

ideatrunk11 months ago

A video is currently circulating for: http://preciousplastic.com/

I believe this equipment could make an awesome instructables contest.

Back in 2013, one instructables member posted the following:

There appears to be renewed enthusiasm! Let's be part of the eco-movement!

Thanks for all you do!

Reusing Plastics would be good topic

jʎɐɹ-ɾ7 months ago

I'm waiting with bated breath for a Musical Instruments contest.

shambuda20007 months ago

I think a Rube Goldberg contest would be awesome. If you aren't familiar, Rube Goldberg inventions are ridiculously complicated devices that perform simple tasks...... think the Mousetrap Game. Entries would require a video of the device in action.




kavish laxkar7 months ago


wannabemadsci7 months ago

Hear me out. This is a bit different.....

"Instructable Overhaul Contest." Poor instructables would be rewritten and the most improved Instructables would win.

Members would select poorly constructed instructables and rewrite/reconfigure them while providing CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to help improve the original author's methods. The contest would allow Instructables that were published prior to the contest being announced, to prevent contrived poor instructables.

This contest would give those who have a hard time writing a good instructable learn how to make better instructables and also have these 'challenged' authors win prizes that never would have had the chance to win. Prizes would go to the person rewriting and also the person who originally published the overhauled instructable.

It would be fun to see the most improved and also see the different points to making a good instructable that people document.

[The re-writer/overhauler would probably have to get permission from the author of the original instructable in order to enter]

There have been remix contests in the past that were quite like your idea. I'm not sold on trying to explain how the old ible could be improved. Even constructive criticism can be too much for someone who didn't ask for it, and I think remixing it is enough to show what could be done. You wouldn't need permission to remix another instructable unless you were going to use their original images or text. However, I love your idea of giving a prize to the member who made the instructable you're remixing.

PinchOfChili9 months ago

A Food Art/Beautiful Food contest, where you can win a DSLR camera for photographing your edible art!

coming soon!

Do you know when this contest will run, as the upcoming contests page has not been updated?

wannabemadsci8 months ago

Repurpose Contest - Taking items that would be discarded and making use of them.

If you put together a project really quick we have the Trash to Treasure Challenge ending on the 25th of this month.

ilpug1 year ago

We need a contest about NOT making things.

Yeah I know, it sounds stupid, hear me out though. Instructables is full of people who like to solve problems: they see a problem, think about it, scratch out an idea on their notepad/etchasketch/intern's forehead, and go into their workspace, and make a physical object to solve their problem. This is an excellent skill, and needs to be cultivated in everyone on the planet. HOWEVER: sometimes a clever solution isn't needed. Sometimes even with all the 3d printing and metal working and CAD modeling and disruptive, ingenious design, even after the awesome little whatchamacallit is produced to fix the issue, someone sits down and looks on the internet and sees a solution that requires virtually zero effort. Making things is a great skill and has great power to change to world, etc. However, as countless Spiderman tropes have told us "with great power comes great responsibility." Making things sometimes takes great amounts of time and effort and money, resources that could be put into doing something else, if there was a way to solve a problem WITHOUT making something.

There's an adage that gets repeated a bunch in most design circles: "don't reinvent the wheel." It's true. If you need to get an object to travel from point A to point B with little resistance to movement, sure you can design and build a fancy maglev system that will cost time and effort, get you Featured, and maybe get you laid. However, couldn't you just put the object on a skateboard and give it a kick? This simplistic approach to design and making is an integral skill for designers and makers to learn. The Instructables community is huge (I forget the number but isn't it over a million people?) This population ranges in knowledge from silicon valley cognoscenti to kids drawing stick figures to people in developing countries who only got access to fresh water five years ago. The discrepancy of resources is massive. As a poor student, I look enviously on the guy with his own laser cutter and fancy computer as much as some kid in Afghanistan envies my small suitcase full of basic tools and access to a hardware store. Making do with less resources is a major part of innovation. Therefore, let's have a contest to celebrate those who manage to do something awesome, while deliberately NOT doing something. I want to see the Instructables user who can make a quadcopter WITHOUT having to code anything, build an epic halloween costume WITHOUT using a CAD program. the person who can acheive something cool with the LEAST complex effort.

How should the contest work? Simple. Have people go make stuff. But, have them include a section in their Instructable about how they identified what was needed to do a project, and then simply bypassed a lot of the steps and still ended up with a solution to their problem. The end products and solutions will be simpler, more accessible, easier, and more efficient. Also, this is a real challenge. It really gets the mental gears turning. Am I just an Instructables user with a vague contest idea and the time to write a badly organized essay arguing for its validity? Or am I actually on to something here, and people should be recognized for DOING less, and producing more. You decide.

Is the "Minimalist Make" embody the concept. The most simple elegant solution to the problem is the winner. Not the CAD rendered, Laser cut, 3D printed solution.

That's a great idea! It would be similar the hand tools only, but even more simple.

I feel you, bro...

Yes! Great idea, and everyone can join. Lets do it!

ptkrf ilpug1 year ago

I think "weird use of" contests cover that topic. But I do like that. If Instructables ever get weekly challenges, "unusual use of items found in ___" would be a fun idea.

ilpug ptkrf1 year ago

They used to have weekly challenges, I don't know what happened to them, I like them, won a few actually.

This is... Great. I like it.

Thank you! Any feedback or ideas you would have to add to this concept?

Attmos ilpug1 year ago

Solving big problems with small availability. Or, really, solving problems with whatever's laying around. Sounds very Mac Guyver... I'm in!

This is a pretty interesting idea. Certainly when I on occasion right for magazines editors tend to prefer the limited tool ideas to the ones which require heavy investment to get started. And when I make props for TV due to time constraints often the fasted way to do something is the best way... this is likely to be just getting something that looks right and does the job, (I don't know a single art assistant or props person working in TV of Film who hasn't got eagle eyes and knows every object within a mile of them whilst there on set in case its needed)

I think there is an audience for limited tools as well as an audience for super tools. (I love tools an kinda want to see every tool an how its used an what it can be used for safely)

I think in a lot of cases modest tools can and have done a lot (look at all the things which have been made and developed before the advent of CNC machines)

Perhaps for some authors it might make there ibles slightly more accessible to include a sentence or description of how a step could be achieved with modest tools whilst explaining why they have chosen to use something like a power carver instead of a chisel.. I don't know if this could potentially become distracting to readers.

I think there was at one point an intelligence test which asked people to come up with as many uses for an object as they could in a set period of time.. like a paper clip or something kind of non pre possessing.. this intelligence test resulted in some really interesting findings, being the younger someone is the more likely they are to see the paper clip as a whole world of possibilities and will easily be able to use the paper clip in 100's of ways whilst adults will struggle to see the paperclip as anything other than a paperclip.

I know there is a lego competition where contestants are asked to build something featuring a certain block. Which I think favor's the creative brain which is flexible enough to see a block for all it could be instead of just a block.

I agree that it would be pretty interesting to see something totally accessible whilst still encouraging creative sparks to fly.
I suspect there is an apatite for something like it. Certainly I have seen elsewhere on the forums people expressing an interest in instructables made with limited re sauces. (for some reason I am now thinking about the tools astronauts have access to and in my head im wondering what instructables I could make in space... mainly useing a paper clip)

Not_Tasha8 months ago

I'd love to see shorter (1-2 week) contests.

I think that might be a problem with votes and people being able to enter (If the upcoming contests list doesn't get updated)

Katjarichards8 months ago

How about Dollar Store Decor? Or has that been done to death elsewhere?

tarun laxkar8 months ago


Not_Tasha8 months ago

Fiber arts! Shorter, material/item/ingredient specific challenges,

misko138 months ago

A diorama, models or dollshouse contest. I've seen great dioramas and dollhouses here at Instructables and I'd like to see how far can we go.

Toga_Dan8 months ago

Some of my hacks have been brand new items. Whether improving it, or repurposing, sometimes brand new is cheaper and easier than buying materials.

A sound/music related contest

IoT in Agricultural.

Fathomlis11 months ago

An healthy desserts contest!

I like that!

Da3da1u511 months ago

Maybe make some smaller more frequent contests? Where the winner does not win a 3D-printer or whatever but simply the honor and maybe a t-shirt. A low-entry contest.

Nah, the only reason I enter a contest is because I want one of the prizes. If I don't want the prize, I don't enter the contest, no matter how much I think I could win it.

ShivaniPKJ9 months ago

The wearable tech contest would be amazing

ShivaniPKJ9 months ago

I want these contests back. Indestructible contest, Photography contest, Hands on learning contest, EXTREME challenge,Teach me fast contest, Enchanted objects contest, Featured author contest, Travel tips contest, bracelet challenge, glitter challenge and hair and make-up challenge.

ShivaniPKJ10 months ago

How about an inventors contest? Would be great, wouldn't it?

rainingfiction10 months ago

I would really like to see a Steampunk contest.

Well a pc modding contest would be great , modding laptops , desktops , macs , chromebooks etc , prices are ofcouse pc related , a gaming system , graphics cards monitors . The amount of things which can be done here are enourmous , from overclocking to water cooling , extream overclocking by using liquid nitrogen , case mods , diy pc case , laptop modifications etc even making your laptop or desktop cool could count.

Kiteman10 months ago

How about an Ancient Idea Contest - Taking designs from the past that were feasible, but not with the technology, techniques or materials available at the time?

Grace Carnegie10 months ago

I would really like an Ancient Egyptian contest. You know, like crowns, scepters, clothing and jewelry.

Ancient civilizations contest !!!



(With ancient technologies thrown in!)

Yes, Exactly!

HuskyRobo10 months ago

Underwater Contest

Kiteman HuskyRobo10 months ago

What, underwater robots, or just generally submerged?

ranwithjesus10 months ago

I think a photography contest would be cool, like 'how to use your Nikon' or 'tips for getting an awesome long exposure shot' or something. Maybe a DSLR as a prize.

lglira10 months ago

magic tricks

makershaker0511 months ago

how about an altoids contest??!!

More Cowbell11 months ago

I want to see a contest dedicated to the Side Hustle. You know something you do, make or sell for extra cash in addition to your normal employment.

blkhawk11 months ago

Ideas from the top of my head! Not all of them are brilliant! Maybe someone else came up with these first:

Ergonomic contest: designing tools and other devices to help reduce repetitive injuries.

"Handicapable" contest: tools or prosthesis to help people with physical limitations acquire independence

Jeans contest: reusing old jeans

Basement finishing contest: prepare your basement for that extra living space or shop you want!

Permaculture contest: show off your garden, veggie patch or farm following the teachings of permaculture

Urban gardening

Mushroom contest: grow your edible mushrooms

Candle contest: make candles in different shapes

Soap contest: soap recipes

Community projects: best ideas to bring neighbors together

Non traditional or conventional music

Nautical themed contest

ArianaSLabus11 months ago

I suggest a face painting challenge! Have everyone submit a face painting instructable and have their finalized piece be a part of a concert (i.e. Duran Duran).

Da3da1u511 months ago

I think a multitool/everyday carry would be a cool idea for a contest

lglira11 months ago

illusions: Optical, Acoustical, Mechanical

Fathomlis lglira11 months ago


www13911 months ago

K'nex contest

lglira11 months ago

new kinds of Gym equipment

lglira12 months ago

Inventing new hand tools

Kiteman lglira12 months ago


saige hill12 months ago

arduino sencors and modules contest


Module Contest will be best.

I'd love to see a refashion or clothes rescue contest. Basically, how can you turn old or damaged clothes into something new and fashionable.


lglira12 months ago

Calculators from ancient (abacus) to moderm

nancyjohns1 year ago

How about a, "Make it at Home Contest!" A contest where you make things without leaving your home to get supplies.

lglira1 year ago

new kind of musical instruments


DIY music? I can go with that!

lglira1 year ago

make it move with gravity


Fathomlis1 year ago

A Healthy Foods contest would be nice!

Kiteman1 year ago

How about an official version of this?


Yonatan241 year ago

Unusual Uses Contest


bosmaru1 year ago

I would really like to see a Shelving Contest

www1391 year ago

please, the k'nex contest.

Not a Plastic Bag
Communities everywhere are battling plastic bags and even trying to ban them all together. This would be a contest to reuse plastic grocery bags and transform them from an environmental pariah into useful objects. Bonus points could be given for projects that use more bags.

elguido1 year ago

This week-end contest starting on Friday Feb 12 and ending on Monday Feb 15 needed asap. IoT, Arduino,

lglira1 year ago

traditional food

A Harry Potter challenge or contest...I am the biggest fan and make Harry Potter themed projects almost every week for fun! It would be cool.

Toga_Dan1 year ago

modded off the shelf. What have you hacked brand new? Maybe somethin you bought that aaaaalmost served your need, but just needed a tweak.

Sound contest, My workspace,make energy or green energy,photo and video,wireless contest?

lglira1 year ago

stone age technology?

lglira1 year ago

Biomimetic projects !!!

Yonatan241 year ago

My Workshop/space Contest

pj2001 year ago

burning question

_Amelia_1 year ago

I was going to suggest "budgeting" but then I googled to see that it happened last year, with "on a budget". I'm thinking along the lines of instructables about budgeting tools & skills. Not sure what the prizes would be as tax tools and piggy banks aren't really getting me excited.

lglira1 year ago

Ancient Technology!!!

Star Wars contest

We have a SciFi Contest coming up with a special judges' prize! ;)

i had noticed that ...just thought it would be great to have an extra starwars challenge looking forward to the new starwars film release...thx for replying have a nice day

Guess you got your wish!

mathiemom1 year ago

I think that a great contest category would be "charity project" or "community service project" instructables. A special category for kids service projects would be even better.

I think we need a flexibility/ gymnastics contest. Who's with me?

CyborgGold1 year ago

I recently discovered the world of crafting with paint sticks and let me tell you... there are thousands of things you can use them to create. I thought it would be a cool idea as a contest, and I'm sure you might even be able to get a corporate sponsor from a company in the pain industry for you guys! Whoever is reading this, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year!

jʎɐɹ-ɾ1 year ago

Maybe I missed the boat, but I haven't seen a Musical Instruments contest in quite some time

We need one

I would like to see more contests that level the playing field. I don't think that the issue is age, occupation, or experience.The problem is not a 47 year old competing with a 16 year old, or a professional competing with an amateur. I willingly take on any competitors, regardless of age or profession. What I can not compete against is access to specialized equipment worth $5k+. How can I possibly win a contest for $1000 of computerized gadgets, when I have no access to the gadgets to make the project entry? Entries created without using expensive equipment is easy to verify just by reading the entry. How about a low tech contest to win a high tech gadget?

I agree fully with you. You are not alone here.

I kind of disagree with you, To win in most contest you don't need thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools.

I'm thirteen years old (you can probably guess that my budget for making projects isn't that high) and my "Magnetic Pegboard" recently won in the "Shelving Contest".

The only tools I used were 1. A 30 Year Old Hot Glue Gun and 2. A Pencil, and it won.

And for "How can I possibly win a contest for $1000 of computerized gadgets?", You don't, Not all contests are for everyone, If you understand what I'm saying...

Thats the whole idea of the maker spaces. Theyre only in a few select cities now. A lot of colleges have specialized tools that the students have access too. There are sites that will 3d print, laser cut, etc for a price if you come up with the file necessary to do so. How good someones instructables are is going to be highly dependent on what sort of tools and workshop they have. Though to be fair the same projects that can be accomplished with plasma cutters, 3d printers, etc, can be accomplished with simpler tools just not as easily. For the hardcore, there are also instructables out there detailing how to build those high tech gadgets at much lower cost than they can be bought. X-box connect sensor 3-d scanners, E-waste 3d printers. Recently I saw an instructable of someone who self taught himself the concepts of how a plasma cutter works and after years of trial and error built one. The laser cutter is really the only the ridiculously out of budget piece of equipment I can think of that I've seen used, and that's usually the contest prize at which point once someone has won it they proceed to laser cut custom jigsaw puzzles and burn celebrity portrait images onto their grilled cheese, not really anything spectacularly contest winning. Also to win, you need votes. I'd be more inclined to vote for the person who had accomplished their goals using more rudimentary tools. When someone not only makes a project, but makes the tools to make the project as well, that impresses me.

Thank you for the reply. I live in a rural area. Those maker type labs are not located here, and the college labs are restricted to students only. Even finding a ceramic kiln or wood working router is challenging. I intend to focus on hobbies that do not require expensive machines for future projects.

Don't lose heart my friend. There will always be those with more money and sadly I did see a contest winner yesterday involving a laser cut record made from a tortilla. However that is a very clever idea. Much like with major league sports how there is a fuzzy line between legal and illegal nutritional supplements, so too is there a fine line between gadgetry and 'come on now thats too much gadgetry' gadgetry. However , a wood router and a ceramic kiln? You're a far cry from a laser cutter with those simple wishes. I would say less than 50 dollars for a cheapy wood router and less than 100 for a good one, bought online, shipped to your door. That's assuming you live for example in the United States where shipping is reasonable and not for example in Mexico where shipping on a 50 dollar router would be 150 dollars. Now as far as a ceramic Kiln, living in a rural area may actually be an advantage to you. Let the other people of the world pay a thousand dollars for a kiln and 3 dollars in electricity every time they want to fire a tea cup. A DIY wood fired kiln, made from bricks or a steel barrel fed with extra air from a hair dryer, leaf blower etcetera is possible at low to no cost depending what you have on hand. In my area and I assume in most there is raw clay under the level of the topsoil. I dont know....I'm just saying. If you have all the money in the world, where's the challenge?

I like your attitude! Restrictions and limitations force creativity. As they say "necessity is the mother of invention". If they let me post it, here's a good article on the subject from FastCo: http://www.fastcompany.com/3027379/work-smart/the-psychology-of-limitations-how-and-why-constraints-can-make-you-more-creative

I had this thought several times, that there should be some way of helping people who don't have the tech, yet want to get in the field with the kind of contests you described. And well, to be honest, there sometimes are open ended contests with great prizes where the winners are also somebody who didn't necessarily have the tech, but that's pretty rare.

Thing is, I can't really think of a scheme where the contest and entries themselves are awesome enough to give a fancy prize yet the contest itself is limited. I mean there are some, but not too many.

And another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of awesome prize contests are sponsored and sponsors play a role in setting at least some of the guidelines I imagine. Looking business wise, I'd prefer that a person already knowing how to use a similar tool and one who has good ideas and presentation skills wins my machine, because it's more likely to put to good use and be mentioned or shown in future media from workshop or similar, which, due to the skilled craftsman also reaches more people.

Just another angle for thoughts. I would still be more than happy if that became a reality more often. :)

Instructables has done a contest along these lines before.


I agree all I have is a soldering iron, solder and a volt meter

TejasO1 year ago

Country Contest - where everyone make something interesting that represents their country, culture and history.

I like the idea.

Attmos TejasO1 year ago

Cultural based, very good idea!

Attmos Attmos1 year ago

Although, USA doesn't really have a very solid cultural base. Except maybe pizza and hamburgers. :)

pizza? italy. hamburgers? germany.

Pizza was basically invented by Marco Polo when he was hiking through the Alps mountains in China. He was eating a kind of cheese fondue with something called "Cong you bing." When he went back to Italy, he wanted to eat it again so he had a chef make something similar to what he ate.

i think hamburgers are american.. from what i understand they were hamberk steaks which were kinda iffy after the jorny from europ to america so they mashed them up an cooked them on the docks. they were cheep an wildly sucsessfull so became populare an the idea spread.. certainly in woodworking american taditional craftsmanship is pretty well known with shakers ect. in oz i think there is enough history to draw from for inspiration. the big hats with corks alone... i think oz has tons to work from , traditional paints used by the aborigionals, fishing methods developed to catch yabbies ect ect .. i am sure people who live there will have many more ideas for there traditional crafts.. heck even craft bears which every country seems to be into at the moment .

ah thank you for the clarification!

and are you talking about the wizard of oz movie?

I think he means Australia.

uhhh I feel like the scarecrow :)


Lol. Well I guess that counts us out. :)

TejasO Attmos1 year ago

Lol.. But i believe everyone have some cultural background n history..

Attmos TejasO1 year ago

You're right. Like most Americans, my heritage goes back to a couple places in the world. I guess maybe we have a wider range of opportunities.

Moem Attmos1 year ago

The USA has original inhabitants, and they have a culture, so there's that. And then there's the culture that the immigrants forged together... and the cultures those immigrants had before. Plenty to choose from I'd say.

actually I'm in the process of making some thing that the native americans made

Can't wait to see it!!!

It's live!

Which contest?

I meant that my instructable is live

Yes, but like in Australia it is not really a culture, it is an adapted mix.
If we want to talk culture we need to go back more than 200 or 300 years ;)
At least to my knowledge there is nothing that would qualify as culture for the US or AU unless it is done by the aboriginals and not the immigrants. ;)

I like this one too.

nancyjohns1 year ago

How about a How to Make/Play Musical Instruments?

Yonatan241 year ago

My workshop contest?

Yonatan241 year ago

Home-made tools contest?

ptkrf1 year ago

Reruns of the old redneck and Mc'Gyver contests would be fun!

Yonatan241 year ago

Magnet Contest?

EL Contest?

I support the magnets contest!

Mpicker1 year ago

How about a contest about what you can do/make using parts being replaced by LEDs and LED fixtures. I'm replacing fluorescent fixtures and have no idea what to do with all the casings, wires, plastic covers and everything else. Seems like a waste to throw out so I want ideas.

awall991 year ago

what about a contest about Inventions for disabled people?

pj2001 year ago

What about a mediatek linkit one invitational contest

Attmos1 year ago

I'm really craving more building contests. Not tech, not food, not fabric. Some real workshop contests.

food building contest? interesting........

pj2001 year ago

we could have a instructables book contest again

msargent31 year ago

With more and more people overseas becoming refugees and have no where to live. There is one thing that i have noticed that is available around the world and that is pallets. i would love to see a contest for Pallet Housing/Furniture and maybe..... just maybe some of the ideas might make it to organizations like the Red Cross.

Here is one company that has done something - please watch the Youtube link and take a look at the picture


Not_Tasha1 year ago

Another Fiber Arts contest would be awesome. Cheese, chocolate, something specific to 6-12 students (I'm a teacher and use Instructables for authentic writing activities with my kids), brewing contest (brewing can apply to different things)...

There is a chocolate contest opening soon:

12/21-2/15 - Chocolate Contest

Need contest for ways to decorate those big plastic dumpsters on wheels that city provide individual houses.

I would love to see a modernist cuisine/food science contest...ala Feran Adria/Heston Blumenthal.

Also would like a lighting/lamp contest...please :)?

Open Source Contest

Create an Instructable with an open source repository on Github/Gitlab,etc. In other words any Instructable member can contribute to the repository by adding their knowledge in the form of Electronic design, Mechanical design, Codes,etc. This contest will encourage collaborations amongst Instructables members on the same project and create a developer/designer/maker community around that specific project.

I have tried doing this with one of my Instructables: TWIST- Tweeting Weather Station where in I created an open source repository on Github so that other Instructables members can help improve my project by contributing their code,schematics,etc.

Research Contest

Authentic & original research in the fields of science, technology, maths, problem solving algorithms, etc

Instructables could be an ideal place to launch a specialist skill contest. I am super geeky about wood turning and would like to enter wood turning competitions, the problem being they seem to be few and far between. Apart from local clubs which tend to be fairly un imaginative.
I suspect if instructables teamed up or talked to the american association of woodturners, british woodturners association and others prizes could be identified and a number of great competitors wold be interested in joining in.

For the global associations most of them have something about encouraging more people to take up the hobby and I think the Instructables platform would be a fantastic place for this. (I know it would be a little exclusive to people who know how to turn wood , but could expose the possibilities of a lathe to people who have little or no experience of this craft ) I think it could also seed greater innovation and creativity for those looking to challenge their own skills when they have some experience.

I know it is a neech but I would love to see it.

ooh one more idea: What about a copycat/replica contest? Whether it's recreating famous amusement park snacks, creating a famous movie prop, or blending frappuchinos, this would be a lot of fun and would make for some awesome instructables!

That would be really cool. I'd love to see what people come up with!

nancyjohns1 year ago

How about a Video Game Creating Contest?

Star Wars contest? Maybe with a lawyer-friendly title . . . Something about the Force, a galaxy far, far away . . . I don't know.

mrw1220151 year ago

Could there ever be a raspberry pi creation or python programming contest?

I do mainly food instructables, so here are a couple of ideas I had for this type of category:

- a 5-minute food contest: Microwave mug cakes and blender ice creams are super popular, so a 5- minute food contest would be super competitive and cool!

- Instant ramen: The availability, and low-cost, and possibility of instant ramen has made ramen hacks super popular, like David Chang's ramen gnocchi. A ramen contest could make for some really useful, fun instructables.

- Food cheats: I don't really have a good name for this right now, but I would like a contest for recipes that look hard to make but are really easy. Every home cook has a dish like that, and it would make for some really helpful and practical instructables that visitors of the site could actually follow.

We have a Dorm Food Contest launching on Monday that I think would be right up your ally!

Yay! sounds great! Looking forward to it. :)

All great ideas! I would particularly like to see the ramen idea as a challenge.

I'm so bummed that I've been sewing a lot lately and there are no contests that those ibles really fit in. It seems like forever since the last fashion/fibers contest.

We have a sewing contest coming up! It will be open to all sewing projects but we want to emphasize using and making patterns!

I saw that! Thanks for the additional info. I'll see what I can come up with.

"Wireless contest" would be nice!

Oh and also, what about a Rubber Cement Contest? Rubber cement is by far my favorite adhesive; it can be used as a type of 'painters tape' for artwork, it is used as a substitute for liquid latex in face painting applications, and of course, it can be used to make and repair bouncy balls.

How's about a waterproof contest? From matches to mascara everyone needs something protected from the elements! Oh and by the way, if y'all at HQ decide to do it, you can help yourself to that tag line. Cheers

I would like to see something like the best contests revisited.
Start a new constest with one of most popular constest ever.

Also a "back to the basics" contest would be a nice one.
We all rely on technology, petrol and electricity these days but before that we already managed quite good.
So I think a contest based on school tech and materials would be great.
Things like making our own glue, wood treatment or building a wooden boat could be entries as well as making an oven the traditionally way...

I like that one too. Back to basics.

That's great idea... Make something with traditional tools..

Attmos1 year ago

I liked the "I Can Make That" contest.

I second this as well.


Do you mean this?

ohoilett1 year ago

I like the Teach It! contest.

How's about a "scale it" contest. Taking something and either scaling it way down or way up. Figure there'd be some pretty wicked cool entires there.

nancyjohns1 year ago

Altoids contest, please.

You should do a Face Painting Contest for those who want to showcase their face painting skills, like me!

Attmos1 year ago

I'm surprised there hasn't been an invention contest; I mean we are all makers.

TejasO Attmos1 year ago

Yes.. There should be one.. But it should be based on some specific field..

magkopian1 year ago

I love projects involving microcontrollers and that's why Microcontroller Contest is one of my favorites. But there is one thing that I don't like, on every Microcontroller Contest I've seen on Instructables almost all projects were Arduino based. Sure, there were some projects that were based on another alternative such as a PIC microcontroller but they were only 5 or 6, the rest were all Arduino based. That's why I'd like to see a Microcontroller Contest which does not involve Arduino. I want to see what others are capable of doing using a bare microcomputer and programming it without the assistance of a bootloader. I have nothing against Arduino I just want to see more projects using other alternatives.

LiveCrafts1 year ago

Room Decor

LiveCrafts1 year ago


LiveCrafts1 year ago

Kids' toys contest

Thought of this last night as I was editing a previous instructable. What about a Revamped and revisited contest? The way I figure it, we should always strive to keep improving and sometimes that means taking a step back to take two steps forward.

Any previously posted non-featured article would be eligible. You could go back and fix grammar, punctuation, spelling... Take better pictures. Add or remove steps to make it easier to understand. Basically clean it up to the level where it's a feature-able article.

Anyway, just an Idea. Cheers!

Isn't that kind of like the remix contest?

Kiteman Attmos1 year ago

I think they mean one of your own projects.

If that's right, that could be an on-going thing, rather than a contest, if you think you've beefed an old project up to be featurable, mention it in the Clinic, and one of the Community Team could have a look. The "prize" would be a feature, with as many wins/winners as you like.

Attmos Kiteman1 year ago

Yeah I guess I made the assumption that we could re-envision anyone's instructable, including our own. I missed that little detail when I read the contest description. :)

+1 I love that idea!

R/C contest would be awesome! that would be a very good contest I know there would be a lot of good entries!

Here are a few more contest ideas!

Chess contest.I know there was a board game contest but a chess only contest would be very cool!

Wild food contest

Magnet contest

I would like to propose a new Contest category, if it doesn't already exist. I would love to see a contest where EVERY LAST PART of your project must be made from used recycled old junk. Anything can qualify, just as long as it came out of something that was previously used and must be at least 10 years old. Items could be grouped into sub-categories, electronics, papercrafts, automobiles, etc, etc. Maybe such a contest already exists, but it would be nice to see people using a little more of the old stuff. I'm seeing projects from 3D printers and arduino powered robots, and that is super cool, and I want to try those projects, but that kind of thing caters to only the techno-geek with half a life time of tools and knowledge. I can't speak for others, but I don't have a Raspberry Pi, or other Arduino mini-comp to program those super-cool projects; Nor do I have a 3D printer or autocad, etc, etc. Lets Dumb it down a bit for the older crowd, we're not as aware of the latest Tech as the young crowd is. I'd like to see more posts that can be done without having to go out for anything, unless it's to go to the tool shed or Garage for that old blender you were meaning to fix 20 years ago! Also, if a project posted on here costs more than a retail version of it does, then I think the point of this site has been missed entirely. This site rocks!!!! I come here every day, and I get inspired every time I come here, even if I don't have the knowledge

DrCarrott1 year ago

Your idea of Intractable's Contest is FANTASTIC! It reminds me a little of the DARPA or NASA Challenges. Everyone benefits when we share ideas. But, just like most people if you offer food or a prize you get more players. Again a fantastic idea.

May I add a contest suggestion - Math. A way to help anyone struggling with some kind of math problem or how to visualize a math problem.

sabu.dawdy1 year ago

baby challenge? Like clothes etc? Felt contest?

Marbie251 year ago

I think a really fun contest would be "Gifts" (maybe this has been done before?). The theme would be making a gift for someone - could be held during a holiday or just a gift for someone's birthday, anniversary, etc.

A requirement could be to talk about the purpose of the gift and have at least one photo in the Instructable of the person opening it.

We have actually done Gifts contests before over the Holidays! We may do it again this year, but nothing is nailed down yet.

Back to School!

Supplies, clothes, locker organizers, backpacks, lunch boxes...

Babies contest! You would do well to get the "makin' babies" jokes out of the way early, however.

You can't ever have to many robotics contests :)

Marbie251 year ago

I think it would be neat to see a contest where the medium is stone. You can do all kinds of stuff...paint them, make a walkway, decorate a wall...

trailogy1 year ago

Here are my ideas:

Geocaching Contest

Animation Contest

Pool Contest

and more to come!

Another Raspberry Pi contest!

Here is one more idea an oil based Plastic reduction contest.

Making you own bio plastics and ways to reduce your plastics consumption. also recycling plastic could be a part of the contest. Please tell me what you think of my idea. i think it would be a great contest for a good cause!

We are running a Reuse Contest right now that these types of projects would be perfect for! https://www.instructables.com/contest/reuse2015/

Yes I might enter if I get the time.

bginoza1 year ago

video game contest! video game crafts, video game mods, video game foods, costumes, accessories. So many possibilities.

There is a Fandom Contest coming up which include video games and cosplay!

Contest Ideas:

1.Woodcarving Contest

2.Animation Contest

3.Geocaching Contest (https://www.geocaching.com/play)

4.Chemistry Contest

5.Lego® Contest

Hope that some of these ideas become contests someday.

These are some great ideas! If you want to make a geocaching project, you might want to take a look at the Hiding Places Contest that is going on right now! https://www.instructables.com/contest/hidingplaces/

propchap2 years ago

I was wondering if you could do age groups for those of us who are competing against professionals. Please do. Thanks!

yes! you should really do that because i'm only ** years old.

Kiteman sto8431 year ago

1. Some of our best contest winners are teenagers.

2. How would we verify ages anyway?

d0vr Kiteman1 year ago

Please do consider this, or perhaps have prizes for different 'categories' of contestants? It does seem somewhat unfair to have contestants who have access to heavy machinery entering against those who don't. Same with contestants who have 20+ years experience in their area of expertise, against young kids with none.

I remember when the contestant winners tended to have extreme Instructables which were truly epic, but it seems that these days, teenagers are winning with what some might consider... less epic Instructables (forgive me)? Even when there have been the amazing, spectacular entries in the same entry pool. Is this a deliberate effort to try and spread the prizes around by chance? Separating the entries to some degrees would greatly improve the opportunity to focus on both types of Instructables in contests.

instructables has had a "youth prize" in some contests

but i don't think there has to be a "youth" contest

take ASCAS for example he is 16 and has won 21 contests

kiteman only has 3 more contest wins and he is 47!

Kiteman d0vr1 year ago

As I said - how would you verify ages?

i agree....more work..let us just get good ideas out there..no age limits.

I agree. Maybe a professionals contest, and a teens contest. It would also be cool if there were a student contest too.

bertwert1 year ago

DIY Photography

there is a photography contest coming up already

When's the next fibers/sewing/fashion contest?

wmusser1 year ago

I think it would be a terrific idea to have a "upcoming contests" page on the app. It would help people who only use mobile to see whats coming up without having to open it up in the web browser.

Raitis wmusser1 year ago

There are a bunch of other things which could be added to the app, but I agree that seeing the forums and questions wouldn't be bad at all.

Instructables ought to have a second Book Contest!

fabloom1 year ago

there can be a photo frame contest (can be made with all things except palstic and metals

we should have a sewing contest and/or refashion contest.

Here are my ideas for contests.

Popsicle sticks contest anything that is made out of or uses them.

Invention contest

Homemade board games contest

chess themed contest

diorama contest

I hope these ideas may be of use to instructables.

+1 for Board games. I know I would have liked the 'how to play' contest to be flexible enough to allow for building custom game boards.

Yes I would like to have a contest like that.

+1 to Invention contest

+1 to Homemade board game contest.

We just had a contest that included board games & chess:


(Don't most contests involve some sort of invention?)

Yes i see.

A drought contest to help us Californians out?

nancyjohns1 year ago

How 'bout Make Video Games Contest? Instructutorials* on how to make games, tips, and improving your games.

*Instructutorials: tutorial instructables

kokoleo1 year ago

A perler bead contest.

A flower-themed contest.

A hat-making contest.

A contest all about hair - styling, accessories, etc.

The upcoming contest page was just updated and there is a hair contest opening in June.

6/22-8/3 - Hair and Makeup Contest

Hunting contest?

InstaMorph moldable plastic contest?

a injuries contest

Madman1461 year ago

I would like to see a Remote Control contest.

We should have a Game Life 5 contest

sto8431 year ago

DEFF. NEED TO DO THIS ONE: MINI VIECHALS USING ONLY KITCHEN THINGS!!!!! no cheating by saying you have a mini car in your kitchen....THE ONLY RULE:IT HAS TO RUN ON EITHER A MOTOR OR A SET OF GEARS like a bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Did you drink too much coffee???

too many whisky in the coffee? :-)

lol, yeah, maybe.

a LEGO contest would be awesome!!!

katerlyn1 year ago

A contest for ideas of how to score for fair winning....i could not find feedback or contact us....so i inadvertently mentioned this in the forum. Thanks for all you do...especially to help pets and their owners.

Check out the contest FAQ https://www.instructables.com/community/Contest-FAQ... hope that helps :) You can also always email service@instructables.com any time!

katerlyn1 year ago

A contest asking for something like a deluxe new angle at creating a vented cat litter box...

We just had an animals contest!

nancyjohns1 year ago

How about a Hand-Held Gaming Contest? The idea is make hand-held games, modify consoles, and others!

P.S.: I just really like gameboys. lol

Oh, also, making consoles that are made to be played on a TV made into a handheld version. Like the Grape 64 and the Make a handheld NES. (portable nintendo entertainment system).

a make it safe contest!

A freerunning / parkour contest would be awesome as I have seen a few instructables on it but not as many contests

Another Drones Contest

nancyjohns1 year ago

How about a contest where it's not centered around anything, but how well the instructable it's self is made? Meaning, don't judge it by what it's about, but how well explained everything is, good grammar, spelling, and good quality pictures.

smartphone accessories contest, or a Virtual Reality contest.

or even better, a Projector contest (all about projectors)

zaphod071 year ago

Wood working

What you can make out of a single 8ft whitewood 2x4. But allowed to use hardwear to finish.

Seamster was running a personal challenge like this!

I like the idea of bounding it like that. Maybe 1 sheet of plywood or a single deck board?

Another idea might be turning; maybe pens or simply state a maximum size?

c1281 year ago

you can make DRONE contest ;)

- speed drone

- battery fly drone

- beautiful drone

- small drone

- low cost drone

I just thought of a Steampunk contest!

Maybe a recycled light bulb contest? ^^

fryars1232 years ago

What about a farming/smallholding contest? any takers?

yes here's a taker

sto8431 year ago

kind of getting tired of all of the welding and soldering from trying to make the electronics...still have pics

sto8431 year ago

craziest hair contest

sto8431 year ago

collection contest

bginoza1 year ago

cosplay contest! XD

honey1811 year ago

Lights and DIY audio contests attract me a lot! ;)

starforest1 year ago

How about a kitchen utensil contest or just kitchen contest? I've seen a lot of tool contests and it would be nice to have something a bit diffrent.

We do have a Snack Contest launching on Monday and some good food themed contests coming up this summer!

Saiyam1 year ago

Maybe a breadboard contest or solderless projects contest.

Could you do one for paper airplanes? It would be really fun, and the judges could actually fly the paper planes and the one that flies the best will be the winner.

zaphodd422 years ago

There is very little about 'glass' on Instructables, as a maker craft or art form. And I dont believe there has has ever been a glass contest. Seeing as how the science of glass is so relevant right now, it would interesting to see what our fellow instruct-ablers think about the subject.

I completely agree, both me and others have suggested this before, so hopefully there will be something along the lines after all!

I was actually just gonna post an instructable on making glass because we did it in out material science class, but now I want to wait until this contest if it ever comes.



I'm behind you on that one.

Custom video game controllers

Anachronistic contest (cannot use electricity)

Recipes for miracle fruit friendly foods

Robot contest Pleeeeaaase

nancyjohns1 year ago

Please make another "MakerLympics" contest for summer of 2016!

nancyjohns1 year ago

Hand-Held Gaming contest. You can make your own hand-held games, modify pre-existing ones, or make a "meant-to-be-played-at-home" console into a portable version.

a reuse contest

Isn't that what Green contest are?

"Green" is not always about recycling or re-using, it's often about things that start with a low impact on resources or the environment.

The currently running Guerilla Design Contest is about reuse.

Raitis2 years ago

Just randomly got this idea and thought I'd share:

An In Disguise contest for stuff which looks completely unrelated to what it actually is. For stuff like laptop cases looking like books on the outside or regular looking pen which has a mike. Food would work too (maybe as judges prize).

Kiteman Raitis2 years ago

Oh, I like that!

An 'Anarchy and Chaos' contest?

'Show us your projects based on random behaviour, or how you tested your invention to the point of destruction. There is no light without darkness. Did you explore the dark side and come back into the light with a good solution? We want to know if the concept of ying and yang inspired you to solve a problem.'

A myth busters contest would be cool, where you take a myth and prove it wrong, like the TV show.

Photography contest :)

I would love to see a photography contest too! All the instructables depend on photographs and then are a ton of techniques for composition, lighting and artistic license. There are also very specific subject matter like photographing scenes such as desktop, indoor, outdoor, portraits and wildlife and each employs different techniques. There are a ton of methods for good post-processing, whether you are using instagram filters or using photoshop or lightroom with other post-processing apps. That would be a fun contest!

Yes it would be :)

harsh42992 years ago

A Vegetarian FOOD contest.THis would even inculcate a feeling to diminish the ever thought notion that "Vegetarian food is boring"..........

Corinbw2 years ago

A mini contest. Not the contest itself being mini, but the theme for the contest be anything mini.

the_anykey2 years ago

an kinetic sand competition. curious to see what people can come up with to make or use kinetic sand for. Love that stuff :-)

suhani D2 years ago

Can we have a contest on drawing!

Pencil drawing,water color and other types of drawing.

it will be interesting.

Not_Tasha2 years ago

Comic-Con contest, backpacks/bags, sewing, Doctor Who, coffee, LEDs, circuits, duct tape, recycleables, candles, beeswax, scents, clay/ceramics, hmmm....

Ceramics is definitely something I'd like to see more of on Instructables. A clay contest sounds great!

Hmm, clay / mouldable solids / papier mache etc sounds good. It could even include Shapelock and Sugru to widen the appeal.

Papier mache isn't clay, but you could widen the contest to handmade 3-D projects.

I know papier mache isn't clay, I was aiming at a general "soft mouldable stuff that goes hard" vibe.

That's another way of looking at it. I hadn't thought of that angle. I'm on board!


Circuit contest for sure!

Sir Bacon2 years ago

Airgun contest

Another low budget contest( i missed it and I had some amazing ideas)

Knife making contest

Why not a sleep contest? About a third of our 24 hour day is spent sleeping, so why not innovate to make that time more pleasant, more efficient, etc. Some possible entries could be a new idea for an alarm clock, a cooling pillow, a heated pillow, and much more.

you guyd should really make a cristmas greeting card design contest

terrorzord2 years ago

EVIL!!!! It's very disappointing when I type in evil. Chainsaw arms, infinite Necronomicon props, and sticking red led eyes on everything make up the bulk. C'mon.. let's have some more evil in our lives!

We did a Superhero and Supervillain contest recently! If Supervillains aren't evil, I don't know what is!

kokoleo2 years ago

Plush/doll/puppet contest

DIY shoes contest

Earthworks (outdoor art)

TV show or movie homage projects

Ebener2 years ago

Do a most easiest way to solve a rubix cube or pyraminx and the ball rubix things and so on....you know what I mean.

a burning questions contest. I saw we had one years ago.

A instructables robot contest :)

Persona2 years ago

I think an Umbrella contest would be interesting. Something where you could modify or use or make an umbrella -- in time for the spring and summer rainy season!

Vyger2 years ago

I just had an interesting message exchange with another member and we would suggest a type of wood contest in which no purchased wood is allowed. In other words you can't go down to the store and pick up a sheet of plywood. Instead everything has to be either previously used and so recycled (like pallet wood) or processed from your own source as in your own trees. Need a 2X 4, then pull it out of a building, but no purchasing wood. Hardware like screws and hinges would be OK but no new wood. Scraps and left overs that would normally get thrown out would be OK. And you need to validate your wood source with pictures, like a scrap pile or such. I keep piles of salvaged 2 x 4 for all my projects. Take the nails out of them and stack them up. Hey, You could call it a "green" wood contest.

Another one that I thought of the other day would be a wire art contest. There are a lot projects that are made with wire. I searched for them and there are many but I don't think there has ever been a specific contest using wire. As an example this is a wire sculpture I ran across.

kanew532 years ago

A cardboard contest!

kanew53 kanew532 years ago

And a duct tape

AnoukW2 years ago

Things to make with (younger) children...

We should have a drawing contest.

THE GOOSE2 years ago

What about a contest that kind of evens the playing field. how about a contest that has us all use the same items, but can use them how ever you want. to make what ever you want.. for instance -

a coffee can, paint, string, 2x4x2', and a Twinkie.

just make it things that most people would already have around the house. or make them ridiculous items like -

a quart of oil, a skittle, the plastic thing that hooks on the toilet from the toilet cleaner disk, and a broken tragicomedy voice box.

just a idea bouncing between my ears...


sounds fun and challenging!

A special diets food contest would be great! People could enter recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, clean, plantbased, etc.

We should have a summer contest but right before summer so I can get some good ideas :)

Can you enter multiple categories?

Generally, you can enter one instructable in up to 3 contests and you can enter as many projects as you want in each contest, but if you enter more than one instructable in the contest, only one of your projects can win. Hope that makes sense! If you have other questions, you might want to check out the Contest FAQ thread that you can find here https://www.instructables.com/community/Contest-FAQ...

GageGlade2 years ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade2 years ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade2 years ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

GageGlade2 years ago

I was thinking of a contest thats space based, Rockets, Engines, Fuel, Things that contribute to space travel and things of that nature.

asbeaule2 years ago

I'd love to see "amateur" type contest ! Things like the wood working but were people without the tools or space to get professional results have a chance ! Don't get me wrong the winners were 100% deserving, but it would be cool to have challenges or contest more "average joe" level.

good idea :)

THE GOOSE2 years ago

How about a sharpie contest that you could - draw something on your wall, use it to roll out some cookie dough, use them like Lincoln Logs and build a small crack house for highlighters, or a really short car hood prop.

just some more pong between the lobes


Thank you so much for the Music and Audio contest! I've been waiting for one for so long. Here we go...

A lighting contest, glass contest, maybe every month having an upcycling challenge with specific items for example utensils, corks, coins, leather jackets, twine, etc. For Halloween season, candy making contest, pumpkin carving contest. During the summer, camping contest, summer sweets contest for example Popsicles, lemonade, etc, a beach contest.

I like the monthly upcycling challenge idea and I think we are sort of trying to do something like that, starting with the rubber band challenge!

I totally agree. Contests challenge me to come up with something new, and I love the simplicity and challenge of trying to come up with something using a very specific everyday item.

We have some good ones coming up in the future (duct tape, PVC, zip ties, hot glue, glitter, etc.) and we would love more ideas :D


I just fixed my helmet with hot glue!

Yeah, that's true. I've had some more ideas since. Upcycling: Bike inner tubes, newspaper, soup cans. An ice challenge. A movie themed contest. You could do individual franchises such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc.

Or a TV show contest:Doctor Who themed stuff, etc.

We would love to do things with franchises but we can't do specific ones because of copyright issues. We are trying to figure out ways to incorporate them in bigger, more general contests (the Apocalypse Preparedness contest for example was based off an idea to do a Walking Dead themed contest) hope that makes sense :D Keep the awesome ideas coming!

Boombuzz2 years ago


How about an Altoids tin contest; make something utilizing at least 1 Altoids tin?

Altoids tin projects are perfect for the Small Spaces contest that's going on right now!


Ha! That would be great if I had any Altoids tins!

I think we will be having a Prank Challenge in April!