What kinds of things would you wish for???

What ever you say will come true!!!!! (okay, we all know that it might not but lets pretend) I would wish for the end of violence End of suffering And a billion dollars all to myself!!

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summerfun226 years ago
Photographic memory!! =]
Koosie7 years ago
Not to worry so much.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I would wish for unlimited cash and no restriction on M rated games (Stores don't let you buy M rated games unless you have an adult with you over here).  I would also wish that censorship would not exist. 
crestind7 years ago
I'd be God.
DARKCOBRA7 years ago
Most powerful.
alecgates1510 years ago
If anyone watches Heroes, I'd want Peter Petrelli's power
I wish for an AK-47 along with 900 rounds and 26 extra magazines for it. (the round kind of magazines) A fully automatic 12g shotgun along with 1000 12g rounds and 57 magazines. (once again the round type) Any type of fully automatic machine pistol along with the magazine and 999 rounds for it.
Swords never run out of ammo. :P
Ya, I actually thought of starting a sword collection this past year. Last year I got one masonic sword, and right now, I still have only have one sword. :~(
Really? Like, an actual sword? Or one of those chintzy ones from a catalog? ; )
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