What made you interested in the Sew Useful contest?

Hey all! We at Etsy are putting together a press release for the Sew Useful contest. If you wouldn't mind answering some of the questions, your quotes could be featured in the release! (With a link to your item as well!) Please respond to any or all of the questions as you see fit... What about this contest caught your eye? Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? Have you done a How-to before? Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? Hope you're having fun making your entries! We can't wait to see them.

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kellyhogaboom10 years ago
What about this contest caught your eye?
I love to sew and I consider it my personal mission to encourage others to try! Also, I love Etsy (minor addict) so when I saw that Instructables / Etsy were pairing together re: sewing contest, I knew it was for me.

Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry?
Just that I like to make things that involve taking my husband's inseam, if you get my drift.

What's the need your useful item is fulfilling?
We are trying to avoid dependence on our car; my husband bikes to work over seven miles each way. We live in very rainy climes - the coast of the Pacific Northwest. My bike chaps are a lightweight, convenient option for him to stay dry.

As well I wanted to take the rain / outergear realm out of the $400-a-garment realm of Mountain Equip Co-op, REI etc. Wonderful technical fabrics are available and as a seamstress we should not shy from using them.

Have you done a How-to before?
Yes, I have. I started a sew blog with tutorials for garments. Instructables is a great idea to broaden the audience (and learn DIY myself!).

Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before?
Yes; I teach basic sewing classes. I love to teach sewing and will go to lengths to help anyone with any problem (as far as I can). I have found many express a desire to learn to sew; far fewer will take the time to do it.
Any chance this will happen again? I'm surprised that it's not at least an annual thing.
ChrysN eimat6 years ago
There are usually one or two sewing contests every year sponsored by Singer, though the theme is usually different (ie; sew warm, kids craft, the most recent one was the quilting contest)
HelloKnitty10 years ago
I sew and I like to make things that are useful and I love Etsy. What more can I say :)
I decided to enter the contest because I wanted to get back to my artistic roots. My mom was an indie artist who loved to sew. She taught me when I was young. I blog about indie artists from Etsy all the time (www.diything.com) but have been so busy that I haven't taken time to do my own art. I am originally from Louisiana as I mention in my instructable for the Katrina Memorial Cube Sculpture, I am awed by the incredible strength of Gulf Coast residents. It is in their honor that I contribute this instructable to the SewUseful challenge. I really do feel that this piece of art may be very useful as a healing tool for many and more than that I believe that art is perhaps the most useful thing we do as humans. The ability to create, process, and reflect allows our mind and often our bodies to heal. So, I hope these photos and instructions are useful in bringing about some measure of healing for those who have endured so much. I am also motivated to win the sewing machine. I have an old machine that needs to be replaced in order for me to really pursue my creative sewing interests. I am really interested in using thrifted garments to reconstruct something new. I love eco-fashion and sustainable art projects. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win. It has been fun.
I haven't gotten a chance to make a sew useful entry, but I have a etsy stor and discovered instrustables because of the sew useful contest.
fake_faux10 years ago
Hi to the peeps in this group. I stumbled across Instructables looking for info on how to build a fishpond water filter. I decided to attempt a last minute entry to the Etsy contest as it brought together a number of must do things I have in my diary - register with paypal (finally), register with both Etsy and Instuctables (**!!hooray!!**). Thank you for providing that spur of the moment inspiration, the irresistable carrot of a whizzy sewing machine, goodybags etc and the oh so glorious luxury of crossing items off my things-to-do list woohoo!!!
MagdaK10 years ago
The first thing that caught my eye about this contest was the contest itself. A reader from my blog suggested to me that I should enter one of my tutorials to the contest and since I like challenges I thought this was a good opportunity. The second was that nice sewing machine. I have been asking for a new one because mine is giving the last kicks, so that would not be bad at all. I really don't have an anecdota about having an idea for this contest because I created my tutorials before, but what I could say is that I made my tutorials thinking like if they were meant to be in a contest :) The need that my items fulfill is the need of creativity and uniqueness in addition to the need for making something that people will feel proud of when giving to others. And the fact that being crafty does not mean to be a pro with the glue gun or sewing machine, anybody can be crafty if you give your readers the right information and clear steps to follow. That is the need my items fulfill as well. Yes, I love sharing with others my crafty skills and experiences. It makes me feel proud that somebody who did not think was skillful enough to operate a sewing machine or a needle and thread finds easy to follow my instructions and steps. This makes the time put on my tutorials rewarding and well worthed. Yes, I have thaught some ladies from my community to make some crafty items and has been a a lot of fun! I am very passionate about sewing and making crafts but never thought I will be having a blast teaching others how to make crafts. Creating tutorials and guiding others through the crafty process has been a lot of fun too. I enjoy every step of making steps for others to follow. Thanks to Etsy and it's members for the opportunity! Sicerely, Magda K.
canida MagdaK10 years ago
Welcome! Thanks for posting- your bright, cheerful projects are well-documented and easy to follow. I'm glad you're having fun!
fruitflypie10 years ago
What about this contest caught your eye? The sewing machine! I need a new sewing machine so I can keep my embroidery one hooked to my computer and have another one that is usable without having to keep unplugging cords and moving everything around. Do you have any specific anecdotes about getting your idea for your entry? Yes, i do ceramics, and I wanted to start making my own molds, but could never find a good tutorial with real photos that shows you step by step. This contest helped me take the plunge and learn how. My first isn't the best. But now that I know how, I look forward to creating many more. What's the need your useful item is fulfilling? Three things the need for a herb planter in the kitchen, scissor holder, and the need for the tutorial for other people who were seeking one like I was. Have you done a How-to before? Yes, When I was in highschool, I taught lead guitar to a few guys and then went into teaching children how to play and how to read music. I made lesson plans and how to guides for them each week. Have you taught friends, family, students how to make something before? Yes, I have worked with my family on how to make ceramics and how to make candles.
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