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What do you have? We got a 1990 T25 (vanagon to the Americans) pictured below and her name is Rusty. The daily drive is a Vauxhall Astra. The car that I would love to own would be a Volkwagon beetle.

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reivaj6 years ago
I 'am fine with my 1974 vw thing
EmmettO6 years ago
I used to be a handyman, but now I'm on vacation from that and I drive a big yellow school bus. I still drive my handyman truck though, a big thirsty red Ford F-350 with big toolboxes and a 1/4 thick steel sheet of metal for the bed. I call him Frank. I'm looking for something smaller and when the weather gets better I'm hoping to ride my bicycle to work.
sharkh2o7 years ago
I've got a 1970 Beetle - it's my daily driver as well :)
1970 VW Beetle.jpg
Thats one of my most favorite car. You are lucky you got one. =P
Joe Martin (author)  sharkh2o7 years ago
Wow :( I want to get a beetle as a daily but as a young driver my insurance is stupidly high. That's not gonna stop me from getting one though :P What's his/her name?
Her name is Lucy :) Funny how we all name them. As for your situation, may I make a suggestion? Start looking for a bug now. You want one with little or no rust. It doesn't matter if it runs or has an interior, just check for rust, and when your done checking - check AGAIN! You can get some REALLY good deals on projects that other people started and have given up on! You could restore it as a daily driver with minimal tools, space and dollars. In a couple of years you'll have a really nice car, no car payments, AND the best part is you'll know how everything works on your car - no mechanic bills, EVER! A lot of folks seem to like older bugs, but I like the '68 and later models because they are cheaper, handle better, and have more power.
ploomus6 years ago
My ride is my Bicycle, I'm so Green =D
since i cant afford a new car right now and really would love to get a myself a nice VW T2 i got a present for my Birthday "thanks Dad" for a 1 week rental through
yo man7 years ago
94 ford ranger it's crazy cool!
acidbass7 years ago
 73 VW van 
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