What musical instrument(s) do you play?

What instruments do you play? How well? What inspired you? ect.

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Ace Gambit1 year ago

Guitar, piano, and the Ukulele :)

Dunkiedoo1 year ago

I play guitar and have recently discovered the Kalimba. Here is a vid of me playing a Goshen Kalimba and singing somewhere over the rainbow. I like them so much I started building them.

RupertB32 years ago

Guitar, bass & simple keyboard parts.

Flute & Electric Guitar

honeyfly3 years ago

I started with synthesizer and harmonium, then went on to the tanpura and then the violin (favorite). I started when I was 6 and now it's been almost 16 years

Ps. I always wanted to play the violin after I first saw a performance on TV as a kid...like a childhood dream. It was tough (a hundred reasons) but I never gave up on it, & never will :)

Guitar although, not as well these days as I had 4 strokes 25 years ago which effected my left hand so holding down chords is difficult. I also used to play mandolin, autoharp and fiddle

voldemarr3 years ago

I remember way back about 30 years ago or so, having bought the Ed Sales
teach yourself guitar and play your first song in 20 minutes course.
I never got beyond that first song Квартиры в Щербинке

gerard_923 years ago

keyboard, guitar, drums

hunter9993 years ago

I play the keyboard.

bowbroker3 years ago

I play violin, piano, guitar and a little bass guitar and double bass.

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