What number are you?

With almost seven billion people alive on the planet, the BBC have produced a fascinating little widget for working out what number person you are.  All you have to do is input your date of birth.

As you can see from the chart below, I was the three and a half billionth person on the planet when I was born.

The set-up will also tell you how fast your home country's population is growing.

What's scarier, though, is the data you get for today (27th October, 2011): as I type, almost 8.5% of all the humans to have ever lived are alive right now.  To put that in perspective, if the human population was stable, and not rising, then all 83 billion of humanity's historical population would have been born in the last 1200 years.


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batonas6 years ago
I am not a number, I am a free man. :D
its a quote from old TV series called the prisoner.
I was thinking the same thing, plus this too:

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered!  My life is my own!
Kiteman (author)  batonas6 years ago
...which some of us remember.
And are trying desperately to forget...

George Orwell + LSD = 70's televison programs (or programmes in the UK)
lemonie Kiteman6 years ago

I would have posted the same comment (as far as "man")

Abigaill5 years ago
this is interesting . but i just wondering how the statistics come out.
robot13985 years ago
I am the 5,943,615,634th born on the earth
person alive on the earth
sunshiine6 years ago
person alive on Earth
caarntedd6 years ago

ElvenChild6 years ago
I am young,

Screen shot 2011-10-29 at 8.30.59 AM.png
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