What other contest should instructable host?

Personally i wonder whats the many ways you can hack a solar garden light into... these guys are sweet! Anything else?

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Dr. No11 years ago
Maybe something like flight based projects, as in model rocketry, hot air ballons, ect.
ewilhelm11 years ago
Just so people are more likely to post their thoughts, I am listening...
dan ewilhelm11 years ago
Green projects: anything that saves energy or resources, creates renewable energy, reduces waste, reduces consumption, even projects built from recycled material. i guess fungus already suggested 'green xmas', so this just expands it a bit.
Well, you already had a magnet theme. Lessee... - LEDs - portable electronics - USB powered - audio spectrum: from noise to relaxation - food recipes and hacks - office weaponry (with macro photos!) - photomagraphicalism (pictures) - the holidays
Subthemes for the holidays: - Thrifty Gifter: cheap and cool presents that don't feel or look cheap - A Green Christmas: In honor of Gore being recruited by the UK to speak on the climate this theme would be for people who wanted to create non-wasteful decorations or create gifts with a minimum of trash and/or a maximum of recycling
I like the "Thrifty Gifter" idea, but I would like November's contest to not be holiday themed.
Well, it's not like this idea has to happen right now, but it's good to get ideas out early, eh? One more idea: HPVs
mmm HPVs :P wait to you see what comes out of this year's HPV team at my school. We found something called the K-drive two years ago -- and finally some R&D is being put into making it better and lighter :)
zachninme11 years ago
I think a "Household Machines" would be cool. Building things from things only around the house. I built a catapult out of a bent clothes hanger. Works well. (I didn't use it to shoot candy at the trick-or-treaters... )
trebuchet0311 years ago
Improvised tools.... Certain jobs require the right tool... unfortunately, the right tool is at the wrong price and way out of the budget. There's a few already on instructables.... like the 30ton press, the bike cup press and the ABS clamps.... I can't think of anything I'd make at the moment, but these things benefit a lot of people :)