What peices of knex do you lack

when i say lack i mean, when you look at a new gun do you say i don't have enough (insert piece here) to make the (insert gun here)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! For me i find myself doing this every time i new gun comes out, i don't have enough (dark gray end caps) to make the (red impact)... BUT IT LOOKS SO COOL! if you leave your message i might be able to find you a crap load for like 5 bucks us dollar

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webby4277 years ago
totally usles pieces
Picture 80.jpg
Perfect Duck10 years ago
I can show you one piece I don't lack.
iKill (author)  Perfect Duck10 years ago
wow i have 3 grays i really need to buy more
Danny iKill10 years ago
i have about 70
Mepain Danny10 years ago
I probobly have over 200...
Metal4God Mepain10 years ago
I had a lot but now my dog chewed the so I have 0
 lol my dog only chewed one grey rod
justavip Mepain10 years ago
i have maybe have about 3000
Danny justavip10 years ago
3000 grey rods
Vynash iKill10 years ago
i lack ball sockets i have one :(
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