What Shall I Build? Hmm?


It's the old tosser from Holland again!
I am feeling nostalgic, so I might perhaps build a K'nex gun quite soon.
I'm not making any promises so don't expect me to push out like 3 guns a month anytime soon.
College is very demanding, but K'nex is just too awesome to let go of.
And since I FINALLY got a new camera, it's a very fortunate timing of events. 

Hopefully see you all soon, with a new Instructable!


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H1T4TCH15 years ago
Hey man, glad you're 'back'!

Greetings from Holland. Oh wait... :D
DJ Radio5 years ago
Mepain and ooda are gonna flame the hell out of me but try a replica. If you want to get reacquainted with structure a Replica's a good way to do it. Plus you're trying something new.
Mepain DJ Radio5 years ago
WHOA, BRO, SETTLE DOWN! If you wanna have a go at DJ, you gotta get through me first! We iblers are tight, yo.
Them's fight'n words.
You're darn tootin'.
Son u ded, got my can of saint's flow at the ready.

ajleece Mepain5 years ago
TheDunkis5 years ago
Awesome, just what we need, some new vets. It's funny, I keep telling people, even through college, I can't just abandon my K'nex. Eventually you find the time and eventually you will want to build with K'nex, so people should stop "leaving" because they think they're done. Anywho, we'll be holding another series of innovation contests, so stick around until we set one up and give it a go. Until then, I guess I don't I have many suggestions. Here's something simple, try to make a compact repeating crossbow pistol, handle fed.
~KGB~ TheDunkis5 years ago
Jollex..... except his trigger was terrible...
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