What should I do for my science fair

Well, I have to get a science fair project, I am 12, and so is my partner... We need tohave our Hypothesis and Purpose in by November 24th I think. We are thinking about the LIghtning Globe on here, or, another thing called the Kane Effect, or something else, any ideas/

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cutecat13 (author) 10 years ago
Well, I am still anonomus, eccept, maybe then global warming thing would be cool... Is there a video.tipis thing about it?
Punkguyta10 years ago
Way back when, I did my science project on the anatomy of a desktop computer. I found it funny how there were a couple other kids that were also doing similar projects as mine. I did notice the lack of any "basic" computer knowledge with their's though, yet they got better marks?? Perhaps it was because of my "running" Pentium 1, was just not as fast compared to the kid's busted/charred in spots pentium 2 rig. By the way, tell me if I'm wrong, but desktops do not have ppu's.
ok you got me... whats a ppu? physics processing? thats all that i could find on it...
Technically that's what it's supposed to have, this kid had "picture processing unit" written on the piece of paper though.
He meant graphics card? I think i'm going to put PPU on a poster in our IT room xD
I'm guessing he meant the video card, but he learned all his info from his 40 year old dad that knows how to use youtube.
and he got a better score... seems like what would happen...
I guess his project was cute and the teacher was a douchebag, but mine was boring and correct.
zachninme10 years ago
Particle accelerator -- that's what I want to do... I'm waiting for the science fair to come... I don't think we ever will...
I attempted to make a Wilson chamber in shop class years ago (1976 I believe).....it didn't work correctly though.
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