What should I learn to cook? (Or, what would you like an ible on?)

I get seriously tired of the same old things. I want to branch out a bit.

What should I learn?
What are your favorite things to cook?
What are your favorite things to eat?

I think my next big thing will be scalloped potatoes. I love when my mom makes them, but I've never had success at it by myself.

And perhaps new desserts and breakfast items?

Obligatory Iron Chef apron picture activate!

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Goodhart8 years ago
Well.....I have had two or three things at restaurants that I really loved but have been told are too hard to learn at home, and haven't had the time to search for them.....

1) calamari not fried !
2) sweetbreads
3) baked escargot
canida Goodhart8 years ago
#1 and #2 are easy!

I've got several easy squid recipes up already, and just did an extremely successful test run of easy pan-fried sweetbreads last week. Will make more soon, and document the process.
I had calamari for the first time a few months back - and absolutely hated it. It was icky! Crunchy and battery on the outside and rubbery and bland on the inside. >_< I'm hoping it was just prepared badly and doesn't really taste like that. :D
Well, it depends. Some people don't like them, and some really love them....the good ones I have found, I liked....the bad ones remind me of chewing on chicken cartilage.
Goodhart canida8 years ago
Yes, I remember the Salad one, as I commented that it sounded good. Those squid were definitely not being overcooked :-) And I just vied the pan fried one too, and unlike the restaurant I frequent (Chinese / Japanese) where the Chinese side fry the living juice out of them, in comparison to the octopus I have had with my Sushi sampler or Bento boxes...I prefer the latter.

I did mention elsewhere that I had found one restaurant that cooked them properly, but have never found it again (and I have forgotten where I had them, unless they stopped serving them :-) .

I am not sure how the sweetbreads were prepared that I had at the restaurant years ago...but I don't think they were fried. They was very soft all over. It is just hard to get some of that stuff in my area anymore (although I did see a Hog's head in the local Giant food store a few days back.....surprised me really...there were 2 or 3 of them.
I will watch for your process, in the event I find a local source for them.
What about sushi to your list? Calamari, especially the smaller baby squid is best grilled with olive oil, salt/pepper. I guess you could do it on a George Foreman grill but leave it open so it doesn't steam cook it. I like pan fried liver and onions but the other stuff, I dunno... I think there is more prep work in deveining it and maybe cooking the heck out of it. There is a good Chinese dish, Kung Pao chopped chicken gizzards with cashews and celery, peas you might like. I've only tried escargot once in a butter/shallot/wine sauce. I guess they are all baked or sauteed in the shell for best flavor. Kinda like crawfish. Not much pickins.
Sushi (using cooked meats or raw veggies and fruit) would be ok. But I wouldn't want to go the Shashimi route unless I could get the proper grade of fish. I would rather let an experienced Itamae do that.
That cooked imitation processed whitefish crab-stick seems to be the popular substitute for raw real fish in sushi like California rolls. It does take a while to appreciate raw tuna though. The Philly roll with cream cheese in it is so-so.
Still not all Sushi is raw fish, since Sushi refers to the vinegar rice bed the meat or veggies are in.
westfw Goodhart8 years ago
After doing away with prejudices against raw fish, and having many sources of sushi-grade fish around, I've sorta decided that my favorite sushi is Avocado... Sigh. There are lots of interesting fillings that don't involve raw fish; smoked salmon (not QUITE raw :-), (cooked) salmon salad, (cooked) shrimp, (cooked) eel, egg, caviar (tobiko to be authentic, but I bet if you like caviar at all, your favorite would make interesting sushi), cucumber, carrot, a rather wide variety of furikake seasonings, Mango...
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