What should I make 1st?

I don't know what to make .

So can you help me? please

I like lego and starwars.

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Roger-X (author) 8 years ago
DJ Radio9 years ago
Try posting a lego starship with star war elements. I have 5 of those made atm, although I have enough for 20 starships.
ps, I have lsw 2, It was fun, but when i finished all the levels, its not as fun. Its also glitchy. All I have to collect before I finish the whole game is 2 minikits and 2 power bricks. A secret in the game- When you collect all the minikits, you unlock boba fett's slave 1. I also know what you get when you get all 99 gold bricks.
Roger-X (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
I have complete saga on ds:-D
lol, I only have lsw 1 and 2. I do not have the complete saga because I do not have the consoles that play it (ps2 doesnt play it what the...?)
KentsOkay9 years ago
An xwing, hands down the greatest fighta ever
I had an x-wing kit, needless to say ive made it a gazillion times, heres a fighter i made:
Photo 1.jpgPhoto 2.jpg
Roger-X (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
how do you make that!,in simple form,
the cockpit, engines, and wing panels were all from airplane/starfighter kits. I used one of those thingys that let you change the angle to tip the wings down. If you want I'll post some close ups and exploded views.
that beats my 5 star fighters.
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