What should I re-build next?

I just recently build both the K'nexsayer and the K'nex heavy cannon.
Both of the didn't work out for me. I know what I did wrong for the cannon (I didn't make one of the barrels big enough, and the trigger was a little different)

And I don't know (yet) what happend to the K'nexsayer.( I think i didn't build the pump right. )

So, Witch one do You think I should build? I kinda want to build I_A_C's cannon, but I want to see what you guys think. :-[D

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ajleece8 years ago
Nice image. Do you play forumwarz?
Owenmon (author)  ajleece8 years ago
No. What is it?
ajleece Owenmon8 years ago
An online RPG about internet culture.
cannon. more rewarding in the end (although some wont agree)
knexguy8 years ago
Heavy cannon. I spent a month trying to get the barrel rotation arm to work, and gave up in the end. It will drive you crazy; don't do it.
jollex knexguy8 years ago
Just 'cause you built it wrong doesn't mean it's bad.
Owenmon (author)  knexguy8 years ago
The same thing happened to me. Kinda. Except I only spent 5 days trying to fix it.
TheDunkis8 years ago
Cannon. While things better than the K sayer may come soon the cannon seems like something that just can't be beat without using even more pieces.
I can't build the k sayer because my bandwidth is too low >:(
Owenmon (author)  TwistedParadox8 years ago
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