What should i make...

i just got my new shipment of knex, my others got lost when i moved along with my tv an my computer speakers. and alot of new guns have come out lately. can someone recommend which gun i should make. it doesn't matter how many pieces is uses, and it doesn't matter how old it is. thanks for the help and ill keep you posted on how i like the gun

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Kiteman8 years ago
Go for a trebuchet, or a ball-coaster.
Wow, you toy around with K'nex sometimes, too? How do you like it?
I have very little, but we have a little at school for demonstrating simple mechanisms - levers and what-not. It's OK, but Lego is where my heart is.
LoL. School? How old are you? Yeah, when I was like 12, they had 'em at my school for demonstrating the simple machines: ramps, levers, etc.
I'm 41 - I'm the teacher...
Oh...I knew that.
Always remember, Kiteman...On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog (pace caitlinsdad).
Sunbanks8 years ago
Are they strong enough to build a chair out of?
If you layer it.
no sorry
I could make a chair from knex, and it could prolly hold my weight, I've never tried my idea, but I will soon.
you could use the k'nex as a fuel for a fire...that would be the best use of k'nex in my opinion
yeah, that'd be way more deadly then a little whimpy fake gun that shoots little rubber bands that you could shoot with just 2 hands
yay for toxic fumes! but seriously burning k'nex is more fun than building with it
iKill (author)  teaaddict3148 years ago
if you made a knex gun or two you would know most dont shoot rubber bands and most are very powerfull
lmao "very powerful" that makes me laugh. if you can get a peice of k'nex to go 300 fps ill be amazed, till then, id rather soak em in gasoline
iKill (author)  teaaddict3147 years ago
im sure that there are guns that go 300 fps
blugyblug iKill7 years ago
HMm i guess i need proof too. Check out the Golfball Cannon by MrCrowley It shoots 400yrds which is about 1500ft
iKill (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
not distance speed... you said feet per second so it doesnt matter how far it goes, please tell me your dumb enough to think it has to do with distance it'll make my day
blugyblug iKill7 years ago
Usually, high speeds=lots of distance... I guess not always. But usually (Unless you are talking about shooting a towel =/
And when i said that the gun shoots 400yrds, I am prooving what i said that many air rifles shoot 1500ft.
I never said anything about airrifles shooting at 500ft/sec. I just said that when someone says "very powerful" I think of 500ft/sec and a max range of 1500ft
iKill (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
you have to also keep in mind the weight and and poor aerodynamics of a knex peice and you'll see why a knex gun cant reach the distance and speed of an air rifle
blugyblug iKill7 years ago
HMm i guess. Cant knex guns shoot other things than knex pieces?
Yeah, RB's, pencils, anything! Try it!
iKill (author)  blugyblug7 years ago
ya bits there more difficult
iKill (author)  iKill7 years ago
lol i hit submit before i was done, but like i was saying its more difficult to make a magazine, and a firing mech to fire bbs
your telling methat a knex gun can shoot as far as a paintball gun?
blugyblug iKill7 years ago
Define "very powerful" The max a knex gun can shoot is about 100ft (30metres) When someone says very powerful i think about 500ft/sec and a range of about 1500ft. Many air rifles can shoot 1500ft (500metres)
Why do you hate it?
so true
matsojr227 years ago
This belongs in the Knex forum
The Jamalam7 years ago
Storm 220 V1.7 rifle
Juklop8 years ago
When I throw a k'nex piece it usually goes pretty far. Just do that with your new tub of k'nex pieces.
Fresh948 years ago
You should make this:Knex Shotgun. Its a pretty good gun and look for the mods to it.
iKill (author)  Fresh948 years ago
i ment like really really big cool powerfull awesome guns, not that that gun isnt awesome cuz i have it, but i ment like scar 11.01 shifle mepains sniper srv1 those kind of guns