What "strange" things have you eaten?

The things that your culture find quite normal to eat might seem very strange and disgusting to others. What kind of food have you eaten that you think others will be revolted by? I've eaten Snake, Dog, Snails, Shark, Eel, Reindeer, Donkey, Crickets, Ants I'd like to try Guinea Pig and Whale I could consider Rat and Cat I don't think that I'd like to try Larvae and Live Octopus

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gnomedriver9 years ago
Wow people have tried some very adventuresome food. I dont thing I could stomach snake or scorpions. They creep me out too much. Thumbs up to the people who have. But killerjackalope with seagull !!! Cool. Ive had: Snails in Italy (very tasty, with plenty of garlic butter) Doner Kebab made from the meat off a goats head. Canned horse in Japan (yuck) Dog in Thailand Silk worm grubs Cat food (the writing on the can was in Polish and I thought it was pate. We live and learn) Id like to try kangaroo. An Australian friend says its great barbequed. The same friend thinks its disgusting to eat chicken liver. Man! – crumbed and fried they are fantastic.
kangaroo is like a rich, strongly flavored scotch-fillet steak and its GREAT
Doesn't cat food have a picture of a cat on it?
This can didnt nor was there a picture of a horse on the Japanese can. I was in Australia about 6 months ago and I did try kangaroo hamburgers. It wasnt bad.

What is the strangest food you have tried, MiriadaThe Carrot?
Hmmm.... nothing very strange, although my sister thought that eating digestives and orange juice was weird. I have eaten the following:
- pink sugar paper (actual paper, not the sweets)
- kitchen paper and jam (to annoy my sister)
- a whole corner of th Yellow Pages
- (accidentally) my maths homework
the last one was because i was extremely bored on the way home, fiddling with the page, ripping tiny bits off it and eating them and didnt really notice what i was doing.
i might be, considering the papery nature of the above items, in the wrong species.

Do you have a preferred condiment? Mayonnaise or ketchup?

well when i was little i ate peanut butter and rose petal sandwiches........
also various fast foods blended together (yuck, vomit, spew) as a fun dare-day event-thing i went to....

Darwin ( NT Aust. ) where I live is very multicultural and also has an abundance of Aboriginal bush tucker as a result I have eaten the following. Camel, Goat, Emu, Snake, Crocodile ( delicious one of my faves but it has to be cooked properly), Deer, Mangrove Mussels ( as good as oyster and more meat ), Turtle, Goanna, Long bums ( a type of mangrove snail ), Snails, Mud crab, Green ants ( good alternative for vinegar ), Sugar ants ( ditto for sugar ), Witchetty grubs, Sharks ( a heap of different species ), Sea cucumber ( Beche-De-Mer ), Sting Ray ( not bad if cooked properly ), Eel, Tadpoles, Yabbies ( a type of freshwater cray, delicious), Billy goat plums ( not testicles, plums )
Also Cycad and Pandus nuts as well as Bush bananas, oranges and tomatoes ( a non-toxic species here related to deadly nightshade ). Kurrajong seeds ( nice like popcorn ), Cocky apples, virtually every edible species of fish in North Australian water,
Basically if it moves we eat it, if it doesn't move we push it and then eat it.
hang on hang on hang on
you mean to say we can eat those nasty little green ants who bite?!
mwhahahahhahahahahaha REVENGE
ilpug6 years ago
I ate a bug once.

It was delicious.

In other news, I have also eaten squirrel and horse. Horse is really gross. Squirrel is tasty.
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