What technology did you expect would be available now that isn't?

What technology did you expect would be available now that isn't?

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trebuchet039 years ago
The year 2000 came... But my flying car didn't. And I was sad.

  • Adaptive Cruise control -- but luckily, it's coming soon (it's currently in "luxury car" status)
  • I'm also waiting for the mouse to become obsolete, but replaced with another "silent" input device. I say this because a senior design option for me is a glove similar to what you may have seen in the movie "Minority Report"
  • Automatic Manual transmission - it's here, just no mass produced quite yet.
What would the advantages over a automatic manual transmission be over a Automatic transmission.
No slip during acceleration. Automatic transmission (for the most part) are viscously coupled in their Torque Converter. This part allows you to come to a stop, in gear, and not stall. At the same time, it allows the transmission to slip relative to the engine output. Compared to a manual transmission, the only slip you have is a little bit when launching from a dead stop. During acceleration, the transmission is locked (clutch disk to flywheel) to the engine. On top of everything, a hydraulically controlled gear system is much more complex than a linkage :p Sure, the complexity will increase to allow automatic shifting, but something tells me it won't be as complex as a modern day automatic transmission valve body :p
thank you for the information.
Goodhart acer739 years ago
Some of the original VW bugs had a manual "shift" that had an "automatic clutch" (the switch was under the manual shift lever, and just touching it engaged it....no more resting your hand on the gear shift knob LOL). But I guess this is not what you mean ;-)
. I had a friend in HS that had a VW with the auto clutch. We used to mess with him by surreptitiously moving the shift lever with a knee when he wasn't expecting it. Not something to do under hard acceleration. :)
For sure :-) I had learned on a normal "standard" shift, and so I tended to rest my hand on the gearshift knob. In those "autos" it didn't take much to engage the switch and disengage the clutch. I never got totally at ease with them either. Thankfully I never owned one....
acer73 Goodhart9 years ago
My dad taught me on a standard so when i drove my moms car an automatic i kept resting my hand on the emergency brake, it scared the crap out of her and thought I was going to do something crazy.
Goodhart acer739 years ago
I drove a few of the auto-manuals & they would engage the clutch every time you put you hand on the shift knob: not good for the ole clutch, for sure. Lots of vereeeeeeeeeeeem dee dee dee while highway driving =*LOL*=|
Yeah, so long story short:
Glove is already an option

Weiss and I are thread hijackers :P Sorry everyone!
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