What technology from TV, movies or books would you most like to see become a reality?

I'm part of a "Technology Battle Royale" that will be hosted by the Ninja from "Ask A Ninja." One of the questions for this event is "What technology from TV, movies or books would you most like to see become a reality?"

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, and it is. More links once the website is live.

In the meantime, what do you think? Help me answer the question.

This is the first of two questions this week, the second is here.

The battle site is now live here: http://www.fmbattleroyale.com
Disclosure: The FM site is being sponsored by Toshiba, who is also an advertiser on Instructables.

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trebuchet0310 years ago
I must admit, that I have watched 1 anime (sp?) cartoon in the past. It was recommended to me while I was interested in other people's opinions of identity, personal identity and what identity actually is. The cartoon is called Ghost in the Shell - and I for one would love to have brain augmentation. Screw the mixed reality goggles, go straight to the goal :p From that same cartoon, I'm not so sure I would want a completely prosthetic body o.0 That being said, I think the idea of that is more terrifying than teleportation given the potential ramifications of misuse and what could easily increase the gap between those with money, and those without enough.
Then again, one could philosophize and say that our (singular and plural are both different ideas on the subject) brain is creating this "world", so our brain is argumenting itself... meta-brain-argumentation! :D
ewilhelm (author) 10 years ago
Here's what I submitted: (you can submit your own answer on the site as well, but be sure to note my disclosure in the edited forum topic) I asked users on Instructables, and far and away the thing they’d like to see and use is teleportation, or considering the other popular story right now, disapparation. I am personally in full agreement. Beyond the advantages of never having to commute to work again and the ease with which one could go on vacation in faraway places, I think some of the allure of teleporation is how it would turn society on its head and change it in so many ways. The changes would be exciting, scary, and fast; plus, who doesn’t want to live at the top of a mountain but still work in downtown?
I voted for you =]
I voted for you too. But did you notice that three other writers said teleportation as well? Time to get this technology goin'!
ewilhelm (author)  fungus amungus10 years ago
Yeah, I noticed that too. I figured that would be the case. Who doesn't want teleportation?
Me too!
ewilhelm (author) 10 years ago
The Battle Royale site is now live. See my edit to the forum topic.
How about some augmented reality glasses? I'd love to see a Google Maps overlay on what I'm currently looking at. It would make geotagging a hell of a lot more fun.
Augmented reality glasses have been around for centuries, they're more colloquially known as "beer goggles" Turning bow into wow since 3000 BC.
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