What technology would be better used for something other than its original purpose?

What technology would be better used for something other than its original purpose?

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ewilhelm (author) 10 years ago
This question is now live. Here's what I wrote: Two-thirds of the calories humans consume come from just four types of plants (corn, soybean, wheat, and rice), and at least a quarter of all food products contain corn-derived ingredients. Given that humans evolved to eat some 80,000 species, with 3,000 of these eaten regularly, it seems that our current eating habits are at odds with our genetics. So, I think the current technology used to grow corn and soybeans and turn them into a multitude of processed products would be better used to grow a diverse set of food species and distribute them largely unadulterated.
westfw10 years ago
Well, there's the Internet. Originally envisioned as a mechanism for ensuring survivable government/military communications in the event of large scale war, it does really good as a source of downloadable porn.
NachoMahma10 years ago
. For me, the most obvious is atomic energy. Wasn't its' only original purpose to melt parts of Japan?
You're confusing the atomic bomb with atomic energy. They are different technologies.
. Energy is energy, but I see your point.
acer7310 years ago
I'd say duct tape, its orignal purpose i'm guessing was for ducts now I use it for everything and have a roll in my backpack i take to school.
zachninme10 years ago
I use this enamel-coted wire for everything
Its about 0.7mm thick, if I had to guess.
Its thick enough not to break easily, but its thin enough to break using any ole' tool and some force.

Its electrical-wise, its great for just wire and winding coils. But I've used it in many other ways before...
Tying things together
Any string application
...floss :P
Some things that are used for a better purpose than their original one:

The altoids tin =]

I bet altoids has made millions selling altoids, even though everyone hates them! For example, the gum, its disgusting, but its a nice tin.
Hence the reason why I started the Altoids Abusers Group. A large portion of the DIY projects I make are used with the Altoids Tin!
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