What the F?

My background for instructables is displaying the background as an annoying flash file for norton anti-virus.

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A good name (author) 8 years ago
All I gotta say is that I didn't mind the ads before, but this is just annoying. I've seen it once, I am not interested in buying it because Norton Anti-virus is the crappiest anti-virus software in the entire world (next to McCafee, but only because it's incapable of detecting, preventing, or doing anything about trojans) Honestly, buying Norton Anti-virus to protect your computer is like hiding from a fire behind rice paper.
Hear, hear! Now this I can agree with! Norton is, in fact, a good approximation to crap. And furthermore, somewhat destructive crap -- having trashed my wife's hard drive when she tried to use the oh so badly misnamed "Disk Doctor" to defragment it.

To take your analogy one step further, buying Norton to protect your computer is like hiding from a fire behind a gasoline tanker truck.
A good name (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Oh! To expand on that: Buying norton to protect your computer is like ripping your eyes out with two forks.
:'-D What do ya'll suggest, out of curiosity?
A good name (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
. The freebies work very well. Avira AntiVir, Avast, and AVG are good AV apps and ZoneAlarm and Komodo make good firewalls. You can install more than one AV and firewall, but only have one of each active - best practice is to have only one of each installed. . . For defragging, the Windows defragger works well enough for all but the most demanding users (run it two or three times for best effect). . From what I've read, Linux doesn't need defragging. . . BTW, most of the reviews for the newest version of Norton say that most of the problems are fixed and it runs much faster, but I haven't tried it. . Overall, the older versions of Norton that I have used were actually very good, they just tried to do too much and slowed the computer down. My Dad uses Norton, but I've turned off several resource-hogging features he doesn't need.
Thanks, I was wondering about Avira, Avast and AVG specifically, so that's very helpful.

Yeah, I learned my lesson years ago after thinking that when it comes to virus protection more = more - the programs fought like cats and dogs. :-D


>Looks left<

>Looks right<

I have a confession to make...my name is Lithium Rain, and I...I have Norton antivirus home edition...but, but only for the next 90 days...I swear I was gonna abandon it after that...really and truly...I'm not addicted...
. The no-more-than-one-AV-app caveat only applies to those that do real-time monitoring. The apps that only do manually initiated scans aren't be a problem and it's a good idea to not depend on just one program. . It says here in fine print that you should be able to have more than one RT monitor installed and just have one enabled, but I have had several clients that have run into problems doing that. Nothing damaged, just weird behavior. . . If your router's firewall is set up properly, one on your computer is kind of redundant, but I like how ZoneAlarm allows me to tweak things (eg, my e-mail apps have to ask for permission to access the 'Net.).
(off topic) I'm having horrible connection-problems - lots of sites report "cannot find" but intermittently will'. I think it's the ISP but I don't know. Strange that Instructables.com isn't a problem (right now)

Any ideas?

Try checking for zombie processes, wireless moochers, defrag, virus and malware sweep, and perhaps a system restore?
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