What the T-Rex goin on?

Of all the food recipes on here, I see nothing of the sort for bread maker recipes. I just got one this christmas and have been making some rather delicious white bread and recently, carmalized onion bread, ooo god, F****** delicious.

If no one has any good recipes to offer I'm gonna experiment myself and start posting some bread maker recipes, I like food and so does everybody else.

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gmoon8 years ago
The wife's been buying lots of "designer breads" lately...I'd love to try the bread-baking thing, and some "scratch" recipes.

Great topic, Punkguyta... but lousy topic name..
Title was half-baked. I don't know what he was thinking...
Yeah, he kneads a little help with the titles...
It didn't get a rise out of me either.
At yeast he posted the topic at all, though...
gmoon BeanGolem8 years ago
Here's hoping his use of such titles isn't ingrained (inbread is a little too strong a term to use...)
I'll mill around to see if anyone else wants to kneadle in.
gmoon already used knead. way to be original :P Definitely not the upper crust comment I would expect from you.
There's definitely going to be some stuffing if we want to make these comments a baker's dozen.
when you're loafin' around at work, what else is there to do besides browse I'bles.
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