What to Do With an Old Gas Cylinder

I have an old gas tank/cylinder without a valve or anything. Any ideas on what I could do with it?

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Try this, I took my family on vacation and saw these for sell for about $300 yours is perfect for this. http://www.instructables.com/id/Compressed-Gas-Cylinder-Wind-Chime/
bumpus7 years ago
No Country For Old Men
lil jon1687 years ago
lol get a ig nitor and the put like 1 3rd or half a bottle of alchol and u got a rocket...........or bomb
Austringer8 years ago
It looks like it's a steel cylinder. If it is, and the bottom is of the sort that kind of dimples in, you have an excellent dishing bowl there. Just clean up the bottom with a flap wheel and go crazy with a leather mallet.
Ora (author)  Austringer8 years ago
And what exactly is a dishing bowl?
jtobako Ora8 years ago
When forging metal, sometimes you use the inside of a 'bowl' shape to pound the metal down into to shape it (for example, a spoon).
Kiteman8 years ago
jtobako8 years ago
Forge body

Cut the bottom end off for a crucible to melt aluminum.

Cut the bottom off and use the top for a very large dinner bell.

Cut a hole in the side for a chiminea.

Fill it with concrete for a boat anchor (or emergency bike brake ).

Large rolling pin for pre-crushing pyrotechnic chemicals.

Giant piggy bank.

Turn it into a Rocket Man halloween costume (as the rocket backpack).

The tank for a giant, pressurized (or not) water gun.

Reserve tank for an air gun.

Ugly lawn decoration.

Drill some small holes in the bottom, add a propane supply and make a giant tiki torch.

Find a valve for the top and make an air tank or air compressor
Imagine filling that with toonies? Fuck that'd be close to a mil.
Ora (author)  jtobako8 years ago
Thanks for the ideas. I think I'll turn it into a forge...
CameronSS8 years ago
Door stop. Or just walk around town carrying it and whistling to make people worried.
Ora (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
I think that would work if I slapped a biohazard sticker on there and made a beeping, flashing thing to go ontop.
Punkguyta Ora8 years ago
If you want a cop to come tapping on your sholder with a bomb squad behind him within the first 5 seconds you step out the door :p
CameronSS Ora8 years ago
NachoMahma8 years ago
. If you decide to pressure it up, I'd suggest getting it inspected first. Most any welding supply or compressed gas place should be able to do it. Make nice with the technician that actually does the inspection and it might be free since your not asking for certification. . jtobako: Quite a list you came up with - from the ridiculous to the sublime. Very imaginative.
Just the obvious things : ) Brainstorming is easy, caring enough to finish-that's hard : )