What to Do With an Old Gas Cylinder

I have an old gas tank/cylinder without a valve or anything. Any ideas on what I could do with it?

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Try this, I took my family on vacation and saw these for sell for about $300 yours is perfect for this. https://www.instructables.com/id/Compressed-Gas-Cylinder-Wind-Chime/
bumpus9 years ago
No Country For Old Men
lil jon1689 years ago
lol get a ig nitor and the put like 1 3rd or half a bottle of alchol and u got a rocket...........or bomb
Austringer10 years ago
It looks like it's a steel cylinder. If it is, and the bottom is of the sort that kind of dimples in, you have an excellent dishing bowl there. Just clean up the bottom with a flap wheel and go crazy with a leather mallet.
Ora (author)  Austringer10 years ago
And what exactly is a dishing bowl?
jtobako Ora10 years ago
When forging metal, sometimes you use the inside of a 'bowl' shape to pound the metal down into to shape it (for example, a spoon).
Kiteman10 years ago
jtobako10 years ago
Forge body

Cut the bottom end off for a crucible to melt aluminum.

Cut the bottom off and use the top for a very large dinner bell.

Cut a hole in the side for a chiminea.

Fill it with concrete for a boat anchor (or emergency bike brake ).

Large rolling pin for pre-crushing pyrotechnic chemicals.

Giant piggy bank.

Turn it into a Rocket Man halloween costume (as the rocket backpack).

The tank for a giant, pressurized (or not) water gun.

Reserve tank for an air gun.

Ugly lawn decoration.

Drill some small holes in the bottom, add a propane supply and make a giant tiki torch.

Find a valve for the top and make an air tank or air compressor
Punkguyta jtobako10 years ago
Imagine filling that with toonies? Fuck that'd be close to a mil.
Ora (author)  jtobako10 years ago
Thanks for the ideas. I think I'll turn it into a forge...
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