What to do with 2 bigs old printers...

Greetings Comunity ill like to know what to do with 2 printers very old, they are Dot Matrix Printers one of them brother m4318 and the other epson dfx 8000 here pages of them:



they dont work so i want to make thems something but dont know what, i was viewing the CNCs machines but i dont know much about programming or electronic (just made a pedal for mi guitar jeje) but ill like a cnc machine but dont know how where to start, well hope you can help me, and thank you all for this great site XD

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Old printers are very good source of stepper motors, some basic parts, gears, flexible PCBs, IR sensors, timing belts, nice polished steel rods etc.

Dismantle them, see how all parts are connected with each other. You will learn a lot.

Once you are filled up with that, start playing with stepper motor & some gears. It is lot of fun, and last but not least, you will get a ready made power supply having 24Vdc 12 Vdc & 5Vdc outputs ! ( you have to check it out !) Did you know your printer is having all these goodies ? Explore !
neoygeo666 (author)  iknowvations5 years ago
woooowww jejejej i dindt knew that thanks a lot for the response and i already started dissambling it.... found 4 stepper motors from different sizes and lots parts more thanks a lot XD
Wow ! So how do you feel ! Great ! isn't it ! Stepper motors are very useful. Only thing is that you will have to study them a bit. With Stepper motors you can build Robots, special machines, special products..... The list is endless.... Try to build something new or useful. You will feel very happy ! Best of Luck !
neoygeo666 (author)  iknowvations5 years ago
thanks for all the help im gonna start learn from thems and try to build something... and wen i finish try to make a instrcutable maybe jejeje
neoygeo666 (author) 5 years ago
ok thanks im gonna trie to get one... and how about other uses for example something to do now with these stepper motors???
simple robotics, kinetic art, stuff...
neoygeo666 (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
ok thank you very much ill see what can i do jeje
caitlinsdad5 years ago
If you get an arduino microprocessor board, you can at least start to lean how to interface and control stepper motors. You can then browse the ibles under "cnc" and build up from there. Good luck.