What to do with a Draft Master 1 and 2

I received  two older working plotters. one is sheet fed and the other is roll fed. These are called Draft Masters 1 and 2. I am wanting to do something with them but not for sure what. I could use some good ideals. Any ideals.


This is a pic of one of them.

Picture of What to do with a Draft Master 1 and 2
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Neotron (author) 7 years ago
They both work fine and I have tried selling them and giving them away but no takers. There is extra pen spindles with a load of pens that come with them. They do diagrams, floor plans, and and thing that can be vector line printed as I have been told. I was going to take them apart for scraps but feel bad about doing it since they do work. I do not necessarily need them or would be using them now or the future. I just figured that they can be used for something else.
bobknows Neotron7 years ago
Do you still have the draftmaster plotters? We still use them - in land surverying, running software requiring this raster plotter. Can't say it enough, need it, need it, need it, need it. Only hiccup is we are in Massachusetts.
caitlinsdad7 years ago

You could rasterbate all day with it.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If they still work and you can get pens and such for them, I'd try to sell them. They are probably slow compared to modern plotters, but should be closer to fitting the budget of a small company. Keep them in service and out of the landfill.
Arano7 years ago
if you are able to alter the space between the rolls maybe you could make a cnc tool for flat metal/wood